A proficient Elden Ring cosplayer has introduced the maiden Melina to life, full with the distinguished ally’s eye tattoo and iconic ethereal cloak.

An superb Elden Ring cosplay transforms a proficient fan into the sport’s mysterious information Melina. FromSoftware program’s open-world fantasy epic sees gamers traverse the Lands Between on a quest to defeat demigod rulers and transcend to the throne of Elden Lord. Since the sport’s launch followers have constructed some amazing Elden Ring cosplays, with a brand-new Melina recreation trying like an precise live-action FromSoftware program film.

After briefly exploring the Lands Between alone Elden Ring gamers are confronted by Melina, a mysterious cloaked lady who seems out of skinny air. Melina affords to behave because the Tarnished protagonist’s maiden, since they discover themselves with out steerage at the beginning of the sport, as long as they take her to the Erdtree. Just like related figures from earlier FromSoftware program titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Melina is ready to assist Elden Ring gamers by leveling them up and providing recommendation. The character just isn’t all that she seems, nonetheless, since Elden Ring lore and stories about Melina counsel that she is definitely a demigod offspring of Lady Marika and Lord Radagon.


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Masterful cosplayer and Reddit person mercurygin just lately shared an Elden Ring cosplay that transforms them into Melina. The ethereal ally’s clothes, together with her darkish cloak and Traveler’s Clothes outfit set, have been completely constructed by hand. The character’s distinct purple hair, which marks her as a demigod descendant of Radagon, can be recreated utilizing a practical wig. Makeup completes the Melina cosplay by including the maiden’s scarred and tattooed eye which mercurygin retains closed to finish the phantasm. The cosplay’s high quality would match flawless right into a big-budget film adaptation of Elden Ring, which is a testomony to mercurygin’s artistic ability.

Elden Ring Cosplay Brings The Soulslike Epic To Life

Just as Melina was delivered to life by mercurygin, a cosplayer named Sparrowhawk Cosplay just lately created an incredible Elden Ring cosplay of Malenia. The relentless Goddess of Rot is broadly thought-about to be the toughest boss within the open-world soulslike, with her intimidating and regal design inspiring many fan tributes and cosplays. Sparrowhawk Cosplay’s model of Malenia completely captures Malenia’s otherworldly design, together with the Blade of Miquella’s prosthetic arm and iconic valkyrie helmet. FromSoftware program has formally acknowledged this fan creation, which makes an ideal duo with Malenia’s supposed sister Melina.

Melina is likely one of the most necessary characters in Elden Ring, and the wandering maiden has now been delivered to life by mercurygin. The cosplayer has fully remodeled themselves into the long-lasting information, proper all the way down to her broken eye and darkish cloak. Elden Ring has impressed many cosplayers since even earlier than launch, and mercurygin’s Melina would match proper right into a live-action film adaptation of the FromSoftware program epic.

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Elden Ring is on the market on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: mercurygin/Reddit

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