During Ranni’s story in Elden Ring, Tarnished adventurers should cross Ainsel River’s Lake of Rot, a lethal reservoir stuffed with liquid rot.

After defeating the Baleful Shadow throughout Ranni’s questline in Elden Ring, Tarnished will encounter a dreadful zone generally known as the Lake of Rot. As its title implies, the Lake of Rot is a reservoir stuffed with liquid Scarlet Rot. Although the swamp would not gradual the character like different places within the recreation, the Scarlet Rot buildup is deathly quick and will likely be disastrous for any unprepared Elden Ring adventurer trying to traverse the rot lagoon.

Fortunately, Elden Ring offers a number of methods to traverse the hellish panorama of the Lake of Rot. First, Tarnished with a Faith of 12 ought to take into account studying the Incantation, Flame, Cleanse Me. In trade for a small fraction of HP, this spell will cleanse the standing impact and buildup of Scarlet Rot. Flame, Cleanse Me is positioned south of the Eastern Tableland Site of Grace in Liurnia, inside a Fire Monk Camp. Another resolution could be to hold rot-curing Preserving Bollulous, consumables created from Dewkissed Herba, Crystal Cave Moss, a uncommon Sacramental Bud. The recipe e book, Armorer’s Cookbook [6], could be discovered close to the Siofra River Bank’s Site of Grace.


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However, there will likely be conditions when Tarnished wouldn’t have the stats to make use of the rot-cleansing Incantation or lack sufficient Preserving Bollulouses for the journey via the Lake of Rot. In this case, there are nonetheless possible methods for getting throughout the ocean of rot.

Crossing The Lake of Rot In Elden Ring

Crossing The Lake of Rot In Elden Ring

One methodology includes “bulldozing” oneself via the rot, sprinting continuous throughout the lake to the southwest till reaching the subsequent Site of Grace. For this methodology, Tarnished might want to allocate all their obtainable Flasks into Crimson Tears. Seven to 10 Flasks needs to be adequate, relying on what number of Sacred Tears the participant has discovered and the way a lot HP they’ve. Then, ranging from the northern shore, run straight for the Grand Cloister ruins, not stopping till reaching the Grace.

Alternatively, Tarnished can take the usual but dangerous route of unlocking new footpaths by triggering the strain plates on the obelisks scattered across the Elden Ring zone. Travelers can use these as relaxation factors to heal up, use a consumable, or look forward to the Scarlet Rot buildup to decrease. The pillars ought to stand out as security spots, however be cautious of the hidden death-spewing frogs that may ambush the participant upon arrival. Remember to go proper after arriving on the massive platform with the one damaged pillar. Those who go left will likely be confronted with a Dragonkin Soldier Field Boss.

For each the “bulldozing” strategy and cautious methodology, carrying the Mushroom Set is usually a appreciable benefit for crossing the Lake of Rot. Upon donning the fungal outfit, adventurers will obtain substantial resistance to rot buildup, permitting them to cross the zone with considerably much less struggling. This armor set could be found within the Seethewater Cave of Mt. Gelmir‘s river canyon.

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Elden Ring is obtainable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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