To full the Dung Eater questline in Elden Ring, Tarnished should discover a number of Seedbed Curses throughout Leyndell, the Volcano Manor, and Elphael.

Once Tarnished reaches the Royal Capital of Lyndell in Elden Ring, they will meet Dung Eater within the Roundtable Hold. He may be discovered within the again room subsequent to the Twin Maiden Husks. At first, he’ll inform the protagonist to not disturb him. However, if the participant exhibits him a Seedbed Curse, the development of his questline will start.

Seedbed Curses are Key Items in Elden Ring discovered on corpses defiled by Dung Eater. He cultivates these curses on the useless our bodies to forestall their souls from returning to the Erdtree. There are a complete of 5 Seedbed Curses that the participant should discover to finish Dung Eater’s questline. Two are in Leyndell, one within the Volcano Manor, and the ultimate two in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. Tarnished ought to notice that the Dung Eater questline in Elden Ring turns into simpler to progress if gamers have superior by Millicent’s and Rya’s questlines, in addition to missions for the Volcano Manor.


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As talked about, two Seedbed Curses are discovered throughout the Royal Capital in Elden Ring. One may be discovered on a seated corpse throughout the octagon-shaped room southeast of the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace. However, earlier than discovering the following two, Dung Eater calls for the participant meet him in particular person throughout the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, the sewers beneath the Capital. After talking to him, gamers will discover a message in his room of the Roundtable Hold, difficult the Tarnished to a duel within the moat space east of the Capital Rampart. Defeat him to amass the Sword of Milos.

How To Complete Dung Eater’s Questline

How To Complete Dung Eaters Questline in Elden Ring

After talking to Dung Eater once more throughout the Roundtable Hold, Tarnished should discover the remaining Seedbed Curses. The second curse is situated in Lyndell’s model of Roundtable Hold, close to the First Floor of the Fortified Manor’s Site of Grace. Players will discover it on a corpse tied to a chair inside Dung Eater’s alternate room. Next, the third Seedbed Curse may be acquired by crossing an Imp Statue barrier close to the Temple of Eiglay within the Volcano Manor. Be positive to hold a lightweight supply, as there is a required platforming space that is exceptionally darkish.

The subsequent two curses are in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. Starting from the Prayer Room Site of Grace, the place gamers progress Millicent’s questline, Tarnished can discover one curse on a seated corpse atop a balcony overlooking the Putrid Avatar’s space. Another curse is situated alongside the same route because the earlier, however as a substitute of going up, gamers should drop down and enter the Elden Ring castle’s dark rooms within the decrease ranges. The curse may be discovered on a seated physique beneath a railing platform. Finally, return to Dung Eater in his sewer cell within the Capital to obtain a Rune that triggers a definite recreation ending. Additionally, reload the realm to obtain his armor set.

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Elden Ring is obtainable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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