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It’s a harmful endeavor to boot up Elden Ring right now. There’s a brief lull within the vacation release season, so it could be very, very simple for me to be lured again to the Lands Between, the place I spent over 100 hours mastering katanas and the artwork of glintstone pebbling issues to loss of life from an excellent distance. In truth, Elden Ring wasted no time reminding me why it is going to probably be named Game of the Year tomorrow on the Game Awards as a result of the second I loaded in after months of neglect, I nearly acquired myself killed within the dumbest, funniest manner. As I used to be reacclimating myself to the controls, I by accident aggro’d a type of Ohioan T-rex dogs off-screen and needed to shortly bear in mind which button was dodge, then bear in mind the nuances of dodging correctly earlier than the factor might eat me to loss of life. There isn’t any equal to the chaotic pleasure that comes with hilarious near-death experiences on this recreation.

But that pleasure soured instantly as soon as I acquired into my true objective for booting up the sport: Elden Ring has added new hairstyles (and a brand new PVP fight enviornment, too). My antipathy for Elden Ring’s lack of numerous hairstyles is well noted. And I believed, with this patch, Bandai Namco and the oldsters at FromSoftware would throw me a pleasant 4c-style bone so my Astrologer can a minimum of have an honest ’do when she — ultimately — takes down the Elden Beast.

But no. There was not. Of the 5 new hairstyles, not one — not. one. — of them can be discovered inside a difficulty of Essence journal.

Screenshot from Elden Ring featuring a zoomed in look at the game’s five new hairstyles
Image: From Software
Numbers 27-32 are the brand new kinds, none of which might be discovered within the pages of Essence journal.

That’s heartbreaking. Well, really, it’s not as a result of it’s merely the most recent in an extended line of incidents the place the online game business and the leisure business at giant typically wish to remind the marginalized that it doesn’t give a shit if you happen to fall outdoors a selected (white, male, nondisabled, straight) demographic. I can’t even watch the brand new Bleach anime with out cringing at Tite Kubo’s new Black characters.

Composite image of two characters from the manga Bleach including Left: Jerome Guizbatt, a montrous, darkskinned man with ape-like features who dies almost immediately upon his reveal. Right: NaNaNa Najahkoop, another darkskinned man with braids sticking straight out of his head and black and white checkered teeth.
Image: Tite Kubo / Shueshia / Weekly Shonen Jump
One man is called Jerome and has ape-like options and the opposite man has black and white checkered enamel. Seriously, Kubo?

It’s what makes Days Gone recreation director John Garvin’s (now deleted) feedback on critiques of his aggressively mediocre recreation so galling.

Screenshot from Twitter of a now deleted tweet from Days Gone game director John Garvin commenting on why his game wasn’t more positively reviewed saying: “Three reasons: 1. it had tech issues like bugs, streaming and frame rate;2. it had reviewers who couldn’t be bothered to actually play the game 3. And three, it had woke reviewers who couldn’t handle a gruff white biker looking at his date’s ass.”
Image: Twitter
Is that actually why your recreation acquired common critiques?

You assume your recreation reviewed poorly due to its white, male, butt-gazing protagonist although 5 of the six Game of the Year nominees function a predominantly white-passing solid whereas the game most people are gushing about right now options maybe the most toxic white male to have ever graced a video game?

Meanwhile, the closest individuals of coloration can get to a non-customizable star in successful online game this yr is the orange tabby from Stray.

I feel, then, that having one, only one, additional coiffure for Black individuals to take pleasure in isn’t an enormous ask, you understand? That’s what’s so upsetting about Elden Ring. It’s by no means solely about hair. If Black characters aren’t attending to be protagonists, if the Black characters which can be included are both shunted to the aspect or made gross caricatures, the least recreation makers can do is let me precisely make my very own. It’s not all I need, but it surely’s an excellent place to begin.

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