It’s the identical cause why they wouldn’t thoughts being her daughter 😆

Although the ladies of Dreamcatcher are too busy with their careers to consider motherhood, they already know what sort of mothers they’d be and shared it throughout a Ceci Korea interview.

Dreamcatcher | @hf_dreamcatcher/Twitter

For a enjoyable twist on the same old interview questions, Ceci Korea requested the group which member they wouldn’t thoughts being a daughter to in the event that they had been reborn.

쎄씨 코리아_CeCi KOREA/YouTube

Siyeon selected their reliable chief JiU for her massive coronary heart. She stated, “JiU is such a loving person. She knows how to love others.

쎄씨 코리아_CeCi KOREA/YouTube

Naturally, Siyeon needed to really feel that love as a daughter. She added, “I want to receive a lot of love, so I pick JiU!

쎄씨 코리아_CeCi KOREA/YouTube

But when JiU determined to select Siyeon as a mom, SuA made everybody chuckle with a humorous statement. SuA famous, “If you’re born again as Siyeon’s daughter, you’ll end up eating deliveries every day.

쎄씨 코리아_CeCi KOREA/YouTube

JiU needed Siyeon as a mother as a result of she’d be tremendous protecting and able to defend her in any respect prices. JiU defined, “If something bad happened to me at school, I think she’ll be like, ‘Who was it? Who did this to my baby?!’

쎄씨 코리아_CeCi KOREA/YouTube

JiU and Siyeon are two halves of the identical coin, with JiU being emotionally supportive and Siyeon being the defender.

JiU and Siyeon. | Naver

See the group decide the members who’d be probably the most caring mother and probably the most protecting.

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