While every incarnation of the titular character from Doctor Who shares various traits and morals, there are some attributes that set every Doctor aside. Some Doctors just like the Tenth are extra profitable at mixing in with people, and others just like the Thirteenth wrestle to cover their alien aspect.

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But, some issues each Doctor has in frequent are excessive mind, defeating terrifying creatures and monsters, and surviving life and loss of life conditions. Although Doctor Who and Squid Game are two very totally different exhibits, each put their characters in perilous conditions, and every incarnation of The Doctor would have totally different ranges of success in the event that they had been to compete in the sport.

8 The Meta-Crisis Doctor

The Meta-Crisis Doctor is the human clone of The Tenth Doctor and is created throughout considered one of the best two-part stories from Doctor Who. The undeniable fact that this ‘incarnation’ isn’t really The Doctor and is human would possibly look like a bonus inside Squid Game, however his erratic nature would actually work in opposition to him.

While this Doctor can be extra keen to desert the character’s normal set of morals as seen in Journey’s End, his unpredictable nature makes him extra prone to lose inside the video games, as he would lack a thought-out technique. Also, the place different Doctors would be capable of regenerate and probably retake their place inside the recreation, The Meta-Crisis Doctor wouldn’t have this benefit. Furthermore, as a result of his shared genetics with Donna Noble, he’s fairly outspoken and sarcastic, which might make him a goal for the extra ruthless gamers in between the video games.

7 The Thirteenth Doctor

Jodie Whittaker as Thirteenth Doctor in Doctor Who

Thirteen is likely one of the most jovial and carefree incarnations of The Doctor. Often, she struggles to maintain a degree head in tense conditions and is susceptible to changing into overexcited or socially awkward. That being stated, her tendency to waffle and over-explain might be a useful tactic to confuse the opposite gamers and distract them.

Many of the opposite rivals would underestimate Thirteen, however when it actually counted, she would reveal herself as one of many stronger gamers. Thirteen is extremely secretive together with her companions they usually know loads much less about her than earlier inhabitants of the TARDIS, which suggests she would wrestle to belief others within the recreation and make any important allies.


6 The Eleventh Doctor

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who

Much like with Thirteen, Eleven tends to turn into distracted and excitable in intense conditions. This incarnation would discover it simpler to type alliances although, as seen within the episode A Good Man Goes To War, as a result of he has a big group of mates of many various species. However, this might really work in opposition to him in Squid Game, as he may belief the incorrect folks and would seemingly put his personal life on the road so as to assist his allies.

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While most Doctors have a reluctance to turn into a part of a household, Eleven broke this development when touring with the married couple Amy and Rory and likewise their daughter (and his sort-of spouse) River Song. If Eleven was combating in Squid Game for his ‘household’ he will surely do every little thing he may to win; nevertheless, if he had been compelled to struggle alongside them he would put their wants above his personal.

5 The War Doctor

John Hurt as War Doctor in Doctor Who

One of the best plot twists from Doctor Who was the reveal of the War Doctor as a secret incarnation of The Time Lord. This Doctor is far more composed than others and has fought by means of an precise battle, so Squid Game wouldn’t be too tough for him to navigate.

That being stated, he is so ashamed of his actions in The Time War that he refuses to name himself The Doctor and is consumed by his guilt. While he has gone to excessive lengths earlier than, he can be reluctant to once more and would attempt to fly below the radar within the recreation. Ultimately, The War Doctor can be too weighed down by his previous to be a critical contender, and his older look would make him a simple goal between the video games.

4 The Fugitive Doctor

Jo Martin

The Fugitive Doctor remains to be fairly a thriller and has solely appeared fleetingly; she’s a previous, beforehand unknown incarnation of The Doctor, however little else is thought about her up to now. When Ten turns into human he is really heartbroken over the deaths his disguise results in; nevertheless, when the Fugitive Doctor is disguised as Ruth, she does not dwell on the destruction she causes.

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Although an absence of guilt would enhance her probabilities in Squid Game, it’s unclear if she has the identical degree of knowledge and intelligence as different incarnations. She has a stern and authoritative demeanor that will assist her stand her floor in opposition to a number of the extra savage gamers within the recreation. The Fugitive Doctor has managed to evade seize and is clearly one of the vital resilient Doctors, so she would have a good likelihood at victory.

3 The Tenth Doctor

One of The Tenth Doctor’s best characteristics is how human he’s, exhibiting an excessive amount of empathy and even falling in love. This Doctor has a big group of mates who’re keen to assist him, so he would discover it simple to make allies inside Squid Game.

He would even have a better benefit within the extra bodily video games, as he is likely one of the extra agile incarnations. Ten survived a number of near-death experiences with out regenerating, which implies he has the expertise wanted to assist him by means of the sport. As seen in his remaining story, The Tenth Doctor has a a lot better willpower to survive and views regeneration as an precise loss of life, so he would not be taken out simply.

2 The Twelfth Doctor

Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor Who

When he begins out, Twelve is likely one of the most complicated and most ruthless Doctors. After managing to struggle his approach out of the confession dial, the Squid Game can be a simple problem for him to tackle.

In considered one of the best Cyberman stories from New Who, Twelve faces two incarnations of his long-time nemesis, The Master. He can also be one of many solely Doctors to have used a weapon, capturing the General in Hell Bent. Whereas the violence and scheming concerned in Squid Game would possibly overwhelm some Doctors, Twelve would be capable of navigate his approach by means of; this incarnation can also be sneakier in nature so can be extra prone to strategize inside the video games.

1 The Ninth Doctor

While it’s the War Doctor who fights in The Time War, it’s Nine who has to hold and dwell with the burden; he nonetheless holds plenty of the trauma and guilt from his earlier iteration. Unlike The War Doctor although, he nonetheless holds the title of ‘Doctor’ and continues his adventures in time and house. Nine has simply the proper stability of The Doctor’s morals, mixed with the expertise and guilt of battle that will show efficient for surviving inside Squid Game.

Without the corporate of Rose, Nine most likely would have given in to his rage and killed the Dalek within the episode of the identical identify, which exhibits he nonetheless holds plenty of anger. As seen with Rose and Jack, Nine would be capable of type shut relationships within the recreation however would even be ruthless and calculating sufficient to outlive. Not to say, Nine really has expertise at taking part in high-stake ‘loss of life video games’ as seen within the season one finale.

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