Doctor Who is a present that has been round for almost 60 years, and with it comes a large number of episodes that vary in high quality. Some are groundbreaking works of science fiction whereas others are unlucky dumpster fires which can be brimming with low-cost units, stilted dialogue, and shoddy CGI. This hole in high quality is particularly evident in relation to season premieres which have the unenviable activity of hooking viewers in order that they’ll return for the remainder of the season.

The tough factor about tv premieres is that they’ve to introduce audiences to the primary characters, themes, and threats that can be featured all through the season, along with serving as an entertaining piece of tv. It’s a tough feat to perform, but the next episodes present that it may be completed. These are the ten finest season premieres of Doctor Who‘s revived collection, in accordance with IMDb.


10 New Earth – 7.4

Doctor and Rose on New Earth in Doctor Who

The Tenth Doctor’s first correct outing with Rose Tyler, “New Earth” sees the cheeky TARDIS duo journey to the titular planet for a enjoyable trip. Once there, the Face of Boe summons the Doctor to a ward on the hospital, and confronts Cassandra as she makes an attempt to take management of Rose’s physique.

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Though a decidedly messy script that leans towards comedy regardless of the surprising B-plot involving medical malpractice and moral dilemmas, “New Earth” nonetheless works as an entertaining piece of tv. The jokes land, David Tennant and Billie Piper play off one another exceptionally effectively, and the emotional beat on the very finish is surprisingly potent.

9 Rose – 7.5

Rose in her debut episode of Doctor Who in 2005

The revived collection’ debut episode, “Rose” is centered on the title character as her world is turned the wrong way up by a mysterious stranger who blows up her place of employment. As she investigates the person who saved her life, Rose finds that dying appears to comply with the stranger wherever he goes, but continues to hunt him out.

An exceptional introduction to Doctor Who, “Rose” works to drag viewers in with its thriller of the Doctor’s id and by telling it by the eyes of an extraordinary individual. By having Rose act because the viewers surrogate, the episode is ready to floor the sci-fi spectacle and heady ideas that Doctor Who commonly revels in and set up a dramatic tone that may outline the present for its first 4 seasons.

8 Partners in Crime – 7.7

The episode which marked the return of Doctor Who’s greatest companion, “Partners in Crime” finds the Doctor and Donna Noble independently investigating a brand new weight-loss capsule from Adipose industries. Eventually, the 2 lone brokers stumble upon one another and group as much as cease Adipose from harming any folks with their alien associated drug.

While followers had been initially skeptical of Catherine Tate’s return to Doctor Who previous to this episode, she proved herself as a succesful actor who might deal with the extra dramatic components of Donna Noble’s character, whereas nonetheless sustaining the comedic spark that made her an incredible foil for David Tennant. This is obvious regardless of the 2 solely being on display collectively for about quarter-hour, but that point is sufficient to promote the viewer on this TARDIS group going ahead.

7 The Pilot – 7.8

The Doctor and Bill stare out into space on the TARDIS.

Something of a soft-reboot for Doctor Who, “The Pilot” reintroduces audiences to the Twelfth Doctor as he takes on a brand new companion, Bill. When Bill’s buddy, Heather, disappears, the Doctor investigates and discovers {that a} fluid based mostly alien has taken over.

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Taking time to introduce the character of Bill to audiences, “The Pilot” is a sluggish burn in comparison with some Doctor Who season premieres, but its concentrate on character is a welcome change of tempo within the Moffat period. It ensures that audiences have a connection to the present going ahead, and it permits Series 10 to be one among Doctor Who‘s extra accessible entry factors.

6 Deep Breath – 7.8

Peter Capaldi’s first episode because the Twelfth Doctor, “Deep Breath” finds the just lately regenerated Time Lord caught in Victorian England, grappling together with his new character. Amidst all this, clockwork males have infiltrated the town and are accountable for a number of freak occurrences that threaten to eradicate the populace.

While not as sharp or thrilling as a few of Doctor Who‘s other season premieres, “Deep Breath” is an efficient introduction to the twelfth Doctor. It establishes him as a extra callous particular person than his predecessors, and by having the Doctor query whether or not he is man, it efficiently sows the seeds for the battle that runs all through Series 8.

5 Smith and Jones – 8.0

The debut to Series 3, “Smith and Jones” introduces audiences to one among Doctor Who‘s most overlooked companions – Martha Jones – because the hospital she works at is transported to the moon. In an effort to save lots of her sufferers, she groups up with the Doctor to search out the alien prison who the Judoon are looking.

Thanks to the viewers’s familiarity with the Tenth Doctor, “Smith and Jones” is ready to breeze by it is excessive stakes plot whereas additionally establishing Martha as a personality who audiences can root for. She’s given extra room to breathe on this episode than Rose received in her debut episode, and this truth permits Martha to differentiate herself virtually immediately from her predecessor due to her proactive nature and competency.

4 The Magician’s Apprentice – 8.4

Peter Capalidi Doctor Who The Magician's Apprentice

The opening chapter to Doctor Who Series 9 finds the Twelfth Doctor hiding from Davros because the skies freeze over Earth, forcing Clara to group up with Missy so as to discover him. Eventually, they’re all taken to Davros, who forces the Doctor to mirror on their relationship.

While “The Magician’s Apprentice” is 90% set-up for the following episode in Series 9, and has been cited in a number of unpopular opinions about the Twelfth Doctor, it nonetheless options some iconic moments that refuse to be forgotten. The reveal that Missy and Clara are on Skaro as a substitute of an area station particularly stands as probably the most surprising revelations in Doctor Who‘s historical past.

3 Asylum of the Daleks – 8.5

Tenth Doctor Matt Smith alongside Amy Pond and Rory in front of several classic Daleks in the Asylum

Perhaps probably the most polarizing episode on this checklist, “Asylum of the Daleks” alters the established order by having Amy and Rory break up offscreen, solely to be sucked into an journey with the Doctor throughout their divorce proceedings. From there, the disjointed trio are tasked with destroying the asylum that accommodates probably the most harmful and unstable Daleks earlier than they’ll escape.

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While the episode is visually gorgeous and options some really gripping motion sequences and stakes, “Asylum of the Daleks” is arguably slowed down by Steven Moffat’s useless makes an attempt to include home components into the script. Instead of specializing in the hazard of the setting, the episode spends a big chunk of its runtime explaining why Amy and Rory broke up offscreen, solely to carry them again collectively on the finish of episode. It’s a dreadfully misguided arc, however the remainder of the story virtually makes up for it.

2 The Eleventh Hour – 8.7

Introducing audiences to the Eleventh Doctor, “The Eleventh Hour” boldly has the reincarnated Time Lord go up towards an alien that has been lurking on Earth for 20 years with out assistance from his TARDIS or Sonic Screwdriver. His solely allies on this debut journey are Amy, Rory, and the his personal wits.

Featuring an exhilarating tempo that hardly ever lets up, “The Eleventh Hour” not solely hooks viewers with its premise and tone, but additionally sells them on the Eleventh Doctor’s capabilities by having him save the Earth on his first journey.

1 The Impossible Astronaut – 8.8

Opening Series 6 in grand cinematic vogue, “The Impossible Astronaut” boldly kills off the Doctor within the first 5 minutes of the episode earlier than they meet up with a youthful model of the character. From there, they journey to 1969 to unravel the thriller of the Doctor’s dying and are available nose to nose with the Silence.

Featuring a number of jaw dropping moments all through, “The Impossible Astronaut” does what few collection premieres try by elevating the stakes. It permits the Doctor and his companions to face off towards a foe who will problem them, and the episode’s confidence and gorgeous visuals are what make it the perfect Doctor Who season premiere.

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