Doctor Strange’s magical powers are pushed to their absolute restrict as Marvel reveals his newest enemy: the blockchain.

Warning: SPOILERS for Strange #8Marvel’s Doctor Strange has fought interdimensional aliens and otherworldly sorcerers, however now his most harmful enemy is revealed: cryptocurrency. Stephen Strange may be a genius surgeon, however he has little persistence for contemporary know-how – not as a result of he doesn’t perceive it, however as a result of he has little or no use for it throughout his day-to-day life because the Sorcerer Supreme. But in Strange #8, Marvel explains why the blockchain is Strange’s weak spot.


In present comics continuity, Doctor Strange is lifeless. The Sorcerer Supreme was murdered in the course of the Death of Doctor Strange occasion, killed by Baron Mordo. Despite the efforts of his magical allies, Strange died completely – however Death had different plans for the Sorcerer Supreme, and is utilizing him for her personal ends. Meanwhile, Clea seeks to get Strange again to the land of the residing, and has additionally granted herself the title of Sorcerer Supreme (angering others who believed they have been extra worthy of the place, like Doctor Doom).

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In Strange #8, written by Jed MacKay with artwork by Stefano Landini, the collection flashes again to a second in Doctor Strange’s life; Director Peters, in control of W.A.N.D. (a magical equivalent of SHIELD) explains the villain’s plan. Tibetan prayer wheels work by inserting a scroll of prayers inside a picket wheel (and by spinning the wheels, it’s believed one features the identical impact as saying the prayers out loud). The director then turns to cryptocurrency. “What would happen if a large-scale cryptocurrency being mined across the world was infected with the code for a spell formula, integrating that spell into its routines?” Strange realizes the hazard instantly: the sheer abundance of prayer wheels may multiply the spell’s impact exponentially: remodeling bizarre folks into undead monsters.

Doctor Strange Fights The Blockchain In Marvel Comics

Doctor Strange and Cryptocurrency

Just a number of points in the past, Strange’s wife Clea found the Blasphemy Cartel’s stash of secret weapons: racks upon racks of laptop servers. She is much more techno-phobic than Strange, and relegated the lot of them to the basement of the Sanctum Sanctorum. This is what the Blasphemy Cartel have been planning throughout this complete run: merge the magical with the technological to create their very own methodology to regulate others. In this sense, Doctor Strange and Clea didn’t see the problem till it was nearly too late.

Understanding cryptocurrency and the blockchain know-how is difficult sufficient for the technologically literate. It is, presumably, significantly harder for the likes of magic customers reminiscent of Strange and Clea. Doctor Strange is used to dealing with the likes of Dormammu and Baron Mordo, however superior know-how just like the blockchain is outwardly a bridge too far.

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Strange #8 is out there now from Marvel Comics.

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