The Aug. 31 episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 opened with an enormous bang when Aaron Clancy erupted at previous flame Tammy Ly (previous flame as in, a pair days in the past!) and her new darling, Thomas Jacobs, for daring to make a love connection after which make out proper in entrance of him.

While Tammy took a couple of minutes on the prime of that episode to cry over all of the BiP drama and waffle over whether or not she made the appropriate alternative, it didn’t take her lengthy to determine that Thomas, a 29-year-old actual property dealer from California, actually is the man she thinks she had a future with off the seaside after Season 7 ends… or is he?

Because as viewers then noticed on the Sept. 7 episode, former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin has now swooped in and swept Thomas off his ft—and away from Tammy, who could also be match-less heading into BiP Season 7’s subsequent rose ceremony.

As all of the drama unfolds, right here’s what we’ve came upon about whether or not Tammy finally ends up with Aaron or Thomas throughout and/or after Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

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Does Tammy find yourself with Thomas on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7?

First issues first: Reality Steve already reported before BiP Season 7 began that three {couples} find yourself engaged by the tip of the season—and neither Tammy and Thomas nor Tammy and Aaron are on that record. He then reported in an Aug. 31 blog post that with former Bachelorette Becca Kurfin arriving on the seaside, Tammy’s perception that she and Thomas had been meant to be could be thrown off beam.

“Becca arrives tonight, and if you read the spoilers, you know her and Thomas begin to have a thing and Thomas gives her his rose during rose ceremony #3, choosing her over Tammy,” he wrote. “Becca and Thomas break up before the finale and leave the show separately,” he wrote. “There’s been rumors floating around given the amount of DM’s and emails I’ve gotten on it, and yes, those rumors are true: Becca and Thomas have gotten back together post filming and are dating.” (*thunderclap!*)

Here’s more from Reality Steve, via Yahoo!: “[Thomas and Becca] were together for most of the season but broke up before Fantasy Suites and left the show single… Becca was the one who broke up with Thomas.” However, he’s additionally mentioned that “Becca and Thomas got back together after Bachelor in Paradise ended and are still together now.”

Meanwhile, Thomas recently told ex-Bachelorette contestants Mike Johnson and Bryan Abasolos on their Talking It Out podcast about his post-BiP life, “I will say I’m at a point in my life where I am extremely happy and I’m not wanting for anything else… I wake up and the people that I’m surrounded with, those are the people I want to actively choose to be with and to continue to grow with and continue to surround myself with and what that leads to, we’ll find out, but I’m enjoying every single second of it as we’re going through it.” Perhaps tellingly, he didn’t appear to say whether or not he was at the moment with Tammy or anybody else.

Still not satisfied that Thomas winds up with Becca and never Tammy? Some Bachelor Nation diehards have reportedly uncovered that Thomas’ mother is following Becca on Instagram!

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Does Tammy find yourself with Aaron on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7?

As for “Taaron” (sorry), they’ve really been noticed collectively again in the true world after BiP Season 7 wrapped… however perhaps simply as platonic buddies? According to ScreenRant, “During a red carpet event for The Ultimate SurferBachelor In Paradise co-stars Aaron Clancy and Tammy Ly were noticeably photographed separately throughout the event.” The website additionally famous, “The two were not photographed together throughout the event, a possible spoiler about the end result of season 7. While the photoshoot seems to be lively and features a number of fun photos of the cast, the small, subtle details may mean a dismal end for Aaron and Tammy… Many are pointing out their noticeable lack of contact on the red carpet. While featured within the same photos, Aaron and Tammy were “never seen directly next to one another.”

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