Enchanted was bursting with likable characters and its sequel, Disenchanted, isn’t any totally different, with each acquainted and new faces rounding out its entertaining forged. Giselle lastly obtained the associate and lifetime of her desires, however Happily Ever After is not all the time a fairytale, inflicting her ordinary perky positivity to plummet. Trying to make the true world as enchanting as her beloved Andalasia means working afoul of a number of unlikable foes, like Malvina Monroe, when she strikes from the massive metropolis to the quaint little city of Monroeville.

Whether sure critical characters like Robert get to be extra foolish and Pip causes the anticipated chaos, to Giselle discovering that she’s able to selfishness whilst she solely needs what’s greatest for others, essentially the most likable characters are real, pleasant, and altruistic.


11/11 Malvina Monroe

While it is clear that Maya Rudolph is having the most effective time portraying the despicable Malvina Monroe, there’s nothing likable about her Evil Queen-esque character. Prior to Giselle’s transformation right into a Wicked Stepmother, Malvina is energetic at Monroeville High as the top of a number of committees, and does her greatest to exclude Giselle from capabilities.

When it involves the evilest characters in Disenchanted, she actually takes the crown as soon as Giselle has turned Monroeville right into a fairytale story, and goes from being the top of the city council to its reigning monarch.

10/11 Ruby & Rosaleen

disenchanted malvina maya rudolph

While not as vile as Molvina Monroe, her assistants Ruby and Rosaleen (patterned after the “ugly stepsisters” in Cinderella) are actually obnoxious, performing her bidding and not using a thought to the way it will have an effect on others or themselves. They appear to acknowledge that she’s abusive, however they like to take their trauma out on Giselle, her household, and the townspeople they view as insignificant.

The characters are largely ciphers with pretty simplistic personalities aside from being sarcastic and impolite, however they’re chargeable for a number of sequences of comedian reduction, making them a bit of extra likable than their mistress. Jayma Mays and Yvette Nicole Brown appear to take pleasure in attending to be campy.

9/11 Edgar

Edgar the Magic Mirror played by Oscar Nunez in Disenchanted

A barista by day, Edgar turns into the Magic Mirror when Giselle turns Monroeville right into a fairytale kingdom. Much just like the Magic Mirror in Snow White, he is consulted by Malvina in an effort to understand how Giselle will try to usurp her rule, and later by Giselle herself.

Oscar Nunez brings levity to an element that would have been so much drier, and his Magic Mirror is simply an unwitting confederate to the dastardly deeds of the ladies who use him to foresee their futures, versus outwardly committing the deeds himself.

8/11 Tyson Monroe

Disenchanted Tyson smiles at Morgan

His mother is likely to be Malvina Monroe, however Tyson Monroe is a totally totally different particular person. He makes Morgan really feel welcome on her first day of college at Monroeville High, although he is a well-liked pupil and would not essentially have to exit of his means to assist her slot in.

While it is likely to be simple to assume that Tyson is common due to his mom being so energetic together with his faculty, his likable character makes it fairly clear that he has no bother making pals and succeeding in a social life. Kolton Stewart does a high quality job with a thankless a part of making Tyson look like a teen who really would not choose a fairytale e book by its cowl.

7/11 Pip

Pip As An Evil Cat In Disenchanted

Giselle’s greatest fur-friend Pip returns for this sequel, and in contrast to in Enchanted, he can communicate each in Andalasia and in the true world by the facility of magic. He tries to assist Giselle modify to her Happily Ever After, however finds it tough to provide the fitting recommendation to assist her acclimate.

Pip narrates the film, and Griffin Newman supplies appeal and sass as befitting is spirited little character. He has a number of shape-shifting scenes which are hilarious, and his presence continues to be a spotlight of the franchise due to his no-nonsense strategy.

6/11 Robert Philip

Patrick Dempsey as Robert Philip in medieval garb in Disenchanted

Patrick Dempsey would not issue into the plot of Disenchanted very a lot, and goes from mindlessly taking the commuter practice to work to aimlessly preventing dragons far-off from the principle storyline, however he makes the many of the vary he will get to have, which happily does enable him to be artistic.

In Enchanted he was a buttoned-up divorce lawyer who had a cynical view about real love. Here, he is embraced the idea, and even joins Giselle in a few of her extra spirited dancing numbers. But he actually shines when he isn’t taking himself too critically, and giving Edward a run for his sword being gallant and clueless.

5/11 Morgan Philip

Morgan in Disenchanted

Rachel Covey could not play Morgan this time round, however Gabriella Baldacchino seems to be a lot like a teenaged model of her character that nothing concerning the casting feels misplaced. Morgan would not need to go away her life in New York City to reside in quaint little Monroeville, however she is aware of it’s going to make Giselle comfortable, so she tries to take advantage of it.

Disney princess sequels typically function the daughter of a well-known Disney heroine desirous to have the precise reverse life their mom had, such because the direct-to-video sequel to The Little Mermaid highlighting Ariel’s daughter and her need to alter right into a mermaid, however Morgan is greater than a disgruntled teen stereotype. Fortunately, she’s probably the most advanced characters within the film, and able to essentially the most progress.

4/11 Nancy Tremaine

Idina Menzel singing in Disenchanted

Where Nancy Tremaine might need been a thankless character in Enchanted, she will get much more to do in its sequel. No longer the Wicked Stepmother herself, she’s the Queen of Andalasia and extra importantly, a trusted buddy to Giselle and Robert.

There are a lot of great songs in Disenchanted, however none that showcase the uncooked energy of Idina Menzel’s superb vocal vary. Not solely does Nancy assist Giselle in her hour of want, she helps her daughter Morgan, and reveals how one can be a loving stepparent as an alternative of a petty one.

3/11 Giselle

disenchanted amy adams as giselle

Giselle begins the movie as her effervescent self, making an attempt to whistle a Happy Working Song to maintain her spirits up whilst she looks like her Happily Ever After is slipping out of attain. Her transfer to Monroeville is a final ditch try to unite her household and have her fairytale life, however a magic wand and a egocentric wish flip her right into a Wicked Stepmother and the city right into a warped model of Andalasia.

Amy Adams does a superb job vacillating between being good and evil, and there is definitely extra juicy surroundings chewing for her to do on this movie than its predecessor, but it surely’s arduous to look at her verbally assault her daughter, particularly since Giselle is embedded in followers’ recollections because the epitome of vivacious positivity and hope. She undoubtedly has a few of the best quotes in Disenchanted.

2/11 Prince Edward

James Marsden and Idina Menzel in Disenchanted
James Marsden and Idina Menzel in Disenchanted

If there’s one one who’s essentially the most likable in all the film, it is the Golden Retriever in human type, Prince Edward. Loyal, steadfast, and hilarious, he retains all of his appeal from the primary movie whereas managing to be fairly hilarious. James Marsden seems to be like he walked proper off one set and onto one other, a Chesire grin completely fastened to his face.

Not solely is Prince Edward supremely agreeable, he is all the time performed truthful, and by no means obtained jealous over the truth that Giselle dumped him for somebody she’d solely recognized just a few days. Edward continues to take all the things in stride, and despite the fact that he is partially chargeable for the chaos to befall Monroeville, he is so likable that it is easy to forgive his breezy ignorance.

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