The DigiDestined, protagonists of the Digimon anime and heroes foretold to avoid wasting the Digital World, are every aligned with particular Crests that exemplify elements of their character. These assist the DigiDestined to help their Digimon companions, whereas additionally serving to show them invaluable classes about themselves.

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Similarly, on the earth of Harry Potter, the 4 homes of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are related to explicit traits that intention to assist their college students succeed to the perfect of their skills. Sorting the DigiDestined from Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 into these homes is usually a strategy to reveal extra about their characters.


Updated on April 14th, 2022 by Stacie Rook: While the 2020 Digimon Adventure reboot left followers disillusioned, Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna acted as a satisfying and nostalgic conclusion to the unique Digimon Adventure saga, following on from the occasions of Digimon Adventure tri. Though the film confirmed the DigiDestined evolving as they entered maturity, many distinct elements of their personalities had been established within the authentic exhibits, when the characters had been kids. 

Taichi/Tai: Gryffindor

Taichi and Agumon as seen in Digimon Adventure tri

Easily a Gryffindor, Taichi is the bearer of the Crest of Courage, echoing the largest attribute of Gryffindor, together with loyalty and honor – all of that are qualities Taichi has in spades.

He has nice management qualities, is a aggressive sports activities participant (little doubt he’d give Harry a run for his cash as Quidditch captain), however may also be cussed to a fault – the strain of protecting his pals secure led to Taichi inflicting Agumon to dark-digivolve to SkullGreymon – in addition to brash or fast to behave with out pondering of a plan – like when he rushed to avoid wasting Sora from the Dark Network.

Yamato/Matt: Slytherin

Yamato and Gabumon as seen in Digimon Adventure tri

There are a number of arguments to be made for the place Yamato might be sorted. He has the potential to finish up in both Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. He’s clever and inventive, that are Ravenclaw qualities, nonetheless, he has the Crest of Friendship, which may probably land him in Hufflepuff.

Ultimately, although, it is his tendencies in direction of being a loner, choose loyalty, and his means to make the chilly, arduous choices for the higher good that land him in Slytherin. In Digimon Adventure tri., when Taichi is presumed useless, Yamato is the one to step up as the chief, understanding there is no such thing as a time to grieve when there are higher points at hand.

Sora: Hufflepuff

Sora and Piyomon as seen in Digimon Adventure tri

It might be argued that Sora belongs in Gryffindor. She is certainly loyal and courageous, and will quietly slot in, sharing a few of Neville Longbottom’s best traits. Ultimately, although, she is way a greater slot in Hufflepuff. She has the Crest of Love, and all the time seems out for her pals and trys to be of service.

Her selflessness is usually a detriment, although, as her tendency to place others forward of herself means hiding her private issues to not be a burden to her pals. Sora can also be proven to be pursuing a profession in  flower arranging, or Ikebana, like her mom, mirroring the trademark Hufflepuff affinity for Herbology.

Koushiro/Izzy: Ravenclaw

Much like it’s a simple option to put Taichi in Gryffindor, it makes excellent sense to have Koushiro in Ravenclaw. He’s the bearer of the Crest of Knowledge, is all the time fascinated by the mysteries of the Digital World, and all the time able to put his analysis expertise to good use.

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The draw back to being a Ravenclaw, although, means having a one-track thoughts, or typically being insensitive or unaware of the wants of others. This undoubtedly comes up when Koushiro, Tentomon, Mimi, and Palmon are misplaced in a mysterious temple, and Koushiro is so centered on researching the hieroglyphs that he ignores his upset pals.

Mimi: Slytherin

Mimi and Palmon as seen in Digimon Adventure tri

Though Mimi’s candy look does not scream Slytherin, a more in-depth inspection reveals it is the place she belongs. If Draco is named the Slytherin prince, then Mimi would undoubtedly be the princess. They could have a foul repute, however Slytherins tend to prove everyone wrong, not solely with their shrewd and crafty, however as decided excessive achievers, eager on self-preservation.

As she’s grown older, Mimi has develop into fairly business-minded. She could not develop into a CEO like Koushiro, however she units excessive objectives for herself and others and expects everybody to fulfill them. This angle can alienate others, although, because it did in Digimon Adventure tri. when she determined her class would run an American fashion cafe with out stopping to consider anybody else’s wishes.

Jyou/Joe: Hufflepuff

Jyou and Gomamon as seen in Digimon Adventure tri

Some may argue that there’s a place for Jyou in Ravenclaw. Since Digimon’s earliest episodes, he set himself the purpose of changing into a health care provider, continually learning arduous. Viewers know from the epilogue that he does, actually, develop as much as develop into the primary physician for each people and Digimon.

On the opposite hand, Jyou’s intelligence does not appear innate. He struggles loads together with his research and common grades. Jyou’s persistence and willpower to work arduous on this endeavor makes him an ideal match for Hufflepuff. Not solely is he a devoted employee, however he’s a sort pal and conscious of the security of others. He’s the one who thought to hold a first-aid package all throughout the Digital World, and was all the time prepared to assist an injured social gathering, whether or not they had been pal or foe.

Takeru/T.Okay.: Gryffindor

Takeru and Patamon as seen in Digimon Adventure tri

It’s simple to factor Takeru may find yourself in Hufflepuff. He’s undoubtedly a fantastic pal, and grows as much as have a great humorousness with a humble, jovial nature. He’s additionally level-headed and fair-minded, for probably the most half. Unfortunately, Takeru can have a extremely moralistic outlook and fall into black-and-white pondering, a detrimental high quality present in some proud Gryffindors.

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He’s led by his feelings and has anger points, notably when confronted with injustice and evil – like when he punched Ken. But there’s additionally a aptitude of heroism to Takeru, notably as he’s all the time defending Hikari.

Hikari/Kari: Hufflepuff

Hikari and Tailmon as seen in Digimon Adventure tri

While Hikari was the final of the unique DigiDestined to hitch the journey within the Digital World, she had an important position within the story, and because the wielder of the Crest of Light, her kindness and down-to-earth nature make her a fantastic Hufflepuff.

Hikari does not have a completely simple time in her quest as a DigiDestined, although, with sure storylines in Digimon Adventure 02 seeing her pit towards forces of darkness. In the top, although, her willpower and robust friendships see her via.

Miyako/Yolei: Ravenclaw

Yolei and Hawkmon as seen in Digimon Adventure 02

Miyako ticks a number of bins to belong in Ravenclaw. Though she does not maintain the Crest of Knowledge, she’s sensible, the tech-wiz inside her group (she takes over as president of the pc membership), and admires Koushiro for his distinctive expertise.

There’s additionally an actual geekiness to Miyako. Perhaps the largest oddball out of all of the DigiDestined, she’s typically paying homage to considered one of Harry Potter’s most likable Ravenclaws, Luna Lovegood.

Daisuke/Davis: Gryffindor

Daisuke is a simple match for Gryffindor. Though usually dismissed as a Taichi carbon-copy, one other impulsive but lovable chief, he’s a person too. Daisuke is fiercely loyal, a loudmouth, and cussed to a fault – all of that are Gryffindor qualities.

Daisuke could make a number of errors, however he all the time has good intentions. His braveness lies in his willingness to face dire conditions with optimism and unshakable hope. He goals to be a great pal and is ready to present folks a second probability, which he did for villain-turned-ally Ken.

Ken: Hufflepuff

Given that Ken begins out in Digimon Adventure 02 because the villainous Digimon Emperor, managed by darkish forces, it might be simple to easily put him into the Hogwarts home historically related to evil, Slytherin.

However, this could be ignore his true type character, and though he may merely be considered one of the nicest Slytherin characters, Ken’s traits are extra Hufflepuff-leaning. Most truthfully, Ken is light and candy, and although his actions because the Digimon Emperor hang-out him, he works tirelessly to maneuver previous his errors.

Iori/Cody: Ravenclaw

Despite being the youngest of the DigiDestined launched in Digimon Adventure 02, Iori is arguably probably the most mature, and completely exemplifies the Digi-Eggs of Reliability and Knowledge that he wields.

Iori is fascinated by the Digital World, and although his maturity can typically weigh him down, he slowly learns to view the world with extra nuance as he spends time together with his pals and Digimon associate Armadillomon.

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