It’s true. GAC Family is pulling out all of the stops to be a competitor on the earth of Christmas leisure.

It is perhaps simple to miss the burgeoning community, however they’re making waves by attracting spectacular expertise and providing compelling content material.

Dewshane Williams is starring along with his long-time costar throughout many romantic comedy motion pictures, Rukiya Bernard, within the upcoming film, Christmas Time Is Here.

We jumped on the telephone with Dewshane to be taught all about it.

Dewshane was shocked by my informal interview fashion, however conversations ought to be as satisfying because the undertaking we’re discussing in the case of Christmas and romance.

“The film is named Christmas Time Is Here. It’s certainly one of GAC Family’s new motion pictures to rebrand an organization and begin creating extra unique scripted programming.

“GAC Family is focusing on seasonal romcoms, so, as we’re coming up to the holiday season, we’re going to be locking in on a little bit of Christmas magic.”

Dewshane feels lucky to be part of GAC Family’s rebranding, starring within the community’s third unique. He’s particularly excited that his companion in crime is Rukiya, as they have been part of a film sequence on Hallmark with recurring roles.

“This goes to be our first GAC Family movie collectively, however we’re starring on this one. And we have been in a position to shoot it in Vancouver, Canada. It was stunning, an exquisite location scenario for us as actors. So, we took benefit of being within the mountains and having a few hours. I should not even say a few days. I imply, we had weekends off, however we shot the film in about 16 days.

“I just kept my head down, and every waking moment that I had was spent prepping and getting ready for the next day. I think it paid off. I’m not saying this because I’m in it, but I’ve heard it’s not that bad.”

Anchoring a film of the week for the primary time with Rukiya is fairly huge, he says. “They gave us the reins on this one.”

“The story facilities are Julian and Nia, and they’re at odds with one another all through the film as a result of Julian comes from a giant metropolis, the New York sort. He was despatched on a mission by his firm to, basically, discover the appropriate funding property.

“He comes into the small town; he’s looking for some investment properties, and he finds something that’s so beautiful, and it’s so cozy, and it’s so perfect. But it’s not for sale. So, he spends the entire movie trying to convince Nia, played by Rukiya, to try to see if there’s any way that we can get a deal in place so that he could purchase this property and get out of that town. Obviously, things don’t go according to plan.”

But there’s romance, proper? Sure, Dewshane says, “Then they fall in love. Does he get the place? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know if he gets the place.”

“Does he get the girl? I don’t know,” he teased. “You never know.”

Like many others earlier than him, Dewshane says he would not watch his performances as soon as they’re within the can.

“One of my largest performing heroes — apart from Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis — is Johnny Depp. And once I was in artwork faculty, I keep in mind studying some article, after which Johnny Depp talked about that he would not watch himself, and I simply discovered that so fascinating. And I used to be questioning why.

And I’m like, ‘I’m nowhere close to that degree of expertise or accomplishment. And if Johnny’s targeted on the work and he is not targeted on watching himself, possibly there is a trick to the commerce.’

“So, I started not to focus as much on myself and my performances and more on what value I could provide while I was there on set. And then, if the audience feels a certain way, if I connect to them, they’ll tell me, which typically happens if I do my job.”

Dewshane continued, “When you’re creating, whatever you’re doing, your finest work, it’s either you’re there and present or you’re judging yourself. The second you start judging yourself in the moment is the second you start making, maybe, unnecessary mistakes or seeing problems that don’t really exist.”

So what sort of merriment are you able to count on from Christmas Time Is Here? Dewshane mentioned, “I try some Christmas treats that I’ve never tried in my real life. We may or may not do a little bit of tree shopping. We may or may not do a little bit of singing. Actually, yes. There is some singing. I think that’s in the trailer. It’s the first time that I’m singing on screen, actually.”

Singing on display screen was one thing that Dewshane took to naturally. “It was great. I felt ready. I felt right in the pocket because I make music when I’m not on set. So, that felt very natural for me. And I was just very glad that I actually got to share that side of myself, creatively.”

It’s not simply music within the film, however a duet with Dewshane and Rukiya. There is a spotlight of it within the trailer, which was vital to Dewshane earlier than speaking about it. He was doing all the things he might to make sure to not spoil the expertise for viewers earlier than it airs.

Dewshane is happy for the followers he and Rukiya have gained from their previous performances collectively to see them take the lead on this one. “And this is something that, I believe, fans have been asking for, for a number of years,” he mentioned.

Dewshane loved each second of representing the film on that degree. “Yeah. I imply, stepping right into a lead place, it is like, bringing me again to theater. It actually involves the individuals you are working with; it has much less to do with whether or not you are the lead and need to do it.

“What worth can we add to the story and the set? How can we handle not solely the vitality on the set however carry the appropriate vitality that is essential to hold us throughout the end line? So, that is simply one of many expectations {that a} producer would have, or executives would have if they’ve chief actors, proper?

“Not only are they talented, or can they play these parts believably, but can they bring the right energy to the set? Can they bring people together? And that was something that I really enjoy. I love setting the tone and being of value, so to speak.” He mentioned they labored “efficiently, swiftly, and accurately.”

“I hope that we achieved what we set out to do,” he mentioned.

We have little doubt that it’ll play fantastically, and we’ve excessive hopes for Dewshane’s upcoming work, too. It’s not day-after-day that you just get solid on an Apple TV+ present starring alongside Hank Azaria and Allison Pill, however that is the place he is focusing his time for now.

“Yeah, it’s going to be great. Without saying too much, it’s one of those projects that’s really encouraging me to be the best I’ve ever been to date. So, I love when I get challenged in that way, and it’s fun, and it’s something that I think you’ll enjoy. I think anyone could easily fit into the story. And I can’t wait for people to see this one.”

We cannot wait to see it. And if that is not sufficient for Dewshane’s future, he is additionally dropping an EP quickly. “I got an EP, a music EP coming up. Make music as well. So, I should be releasing a single before the year’s over.”

But this weekend, he is targeted on the magic he and Rukiya created. “I’m really excited. I’m so excited about Christmas Time Is Here because, again, it’s the first time that I’m leading an MLW. Yeah. You never forget your first, right?”

Dewshane will likely be tweeting with followers, so in case you’re watching alongside on Saturday, you’ll want to be a part of within the enjoyable by following him @DewshaneW. He can’t wait to listen to from you!

Christmas Time Is Here premieres on GAC Family at 8/7c on Saturday, November 13.

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