“My childhood struggles have made me stubborn in my life,” says actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee, recalling her rising up days with out her father. She misplaced her father when she was simply 11 and noticed her mom work arduous to make ends met, whereas surviving the judgemental nature of the society.

“That was the phase which has turned me into who I am today. If I talk about the good points, then it has made me strong, fearless. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but now I don’t care about the society,” admits the actor, who first opened up in regards to the arduous moments of her life on nationwide tv by means of a actuality present.

Admitting that she doesn’t actually know if that works in her favour, or not, the 35-year-old provides, “Today, I don’t care ke log kya bolenge ya kya soch rahe hunge. Logon ke hisab se mujhe jeena hi nahi hai. My childhood struggles have made me so stubborn in my life that logun ke hisab se mein kabhi nahi chalungi. Main jaisi hun waisi if you like, then it is good, nahi toh tab bhi it is okay. This is who I am.”

She credit her wrestle for shaping her persona, and zeal to excel in life. “I always thought that I would become something on my own, without anyone’s support. As a kid, I used to tell my mom that ‘Aap dekhna, I will make it big on my own’. And today with the help of everyone’s blessings, I have been able to do that,” says the actor.

Along with robust headed, Bhattacharjee confesses that it has made her hot-headed.

“Kahin pe kuch chothi se bhi galti dhikhti hai, toh mein frustrate ho jati hun. If I see anything wrong happening anywhere, then I get sad and get irritated. When I am angry, I say a lot of things. But I don’t mean them. At the same time, what matters is my actions after that. Also, I hate lies, and hate people who lie. This is my trigger point. Chothe se chotha jhoot bhi mujhse bardash nahi hota,” says the actor, greatest recognized for portraying the position of Gopi bahu in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.

It was solely just lately, in the course of the actuality present, that she realised that the feelings are nonetheless alive someplace inside her.

“I used to think that I have let go of my past and moved on. I realised that those emotions and feelings are still very vivid, and hurt me when remembered,” she says.

Trying to discover a cause behind her subdued feelings, the actor observes, “Because when we were kids, we never used to share anything”.

“The whole concept of pushing people to share has just started. Today, we tell everyone that it is important to share and express, but uss time yeh sab kahan tha. In fact, even today, we can’t share openly because people are so judgemental. It is very difficult,” she provides.

So, what has she learnt from all of the experiences? “It is to always be kind. That quality has come from my baba,” she indicators off.

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