Destiny 2 Beyond Light has introduced a bunch of new activities for guardians to participate in. Europa’s marketing campaign, in addition to the Deep Stone Crypt, have given avid gamers an incentive to go away the Crucible and play extra PVE. With dozens of latest weapons and armor, gamers want to finish all the new missions earlier than they lose the possibility to choose up god-tier gear within the present season.

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Beyond Light is the season of the Hunter. The stasis subclass has shifted the meta when it comes to skills to the Hunter class. Hunter mains will need to be certain that they create a construct that takes benefit of all the brand new stasis skills and elements. However, guardians shouldn’t restrict their builds to at least one subclass, as the opposite three are nonetheless viable. Below are the 2 greatest Hunter PVE builds in Beyond Light.

Updated on July 21, 2021, by Payton Lott: Ever since Stasis was added to the sport, Gunslinger has fallen to the wayside. Stasis builds are highly effective, however many locally underestimate how unimaginable Gunslinger is in PVE. It has been a number of months of Stasis, and loads of gamers have forgotten how damaged the unique lessons within the recreation could be. This replace will embrace a Gunslinger different for guardians that need to combine up the gameplay. With the Hunter construct beneath, avid gamers will have the ability to breeze by way of laborious PVE content material. For the sake of brevity, this entry will exclude weapon mods and give attention to Artifact mods. 

Way Of The Sharpshooter Gunslinger


Bottom tree Gunslinger is among the most gratifying lessons to make use of in Destiny 2. The class’ tremendous is nice for boss battles and enemies with massive well being swimming pools. It can also be a skill-intensive class. Hitting photographs is essential, however these with accuracy will have the ability to trigger an enormous quantity of harm as a Gunslinger. The principal piece on this class is the Star-Eater Scales unique. The unique leggings present bonuses that work effectively in each PVE and PVP.

Star-Eater Scales Bonuses

With the scales, every Orb of Power grants extra tremendous power, and orbs picked up whereas the tremendous is full heal the guardian. By accumulating sufficient orbs whereas the tremendous bar is full, Star-Eater Scales will generate an overshield. For a Hunter, these bonuses are fully ridiculous. Players will get their tremendous quicker and heal periodically by defeating enemies. As if that was not sufficient, guardians will have the ability to heal whereas their overshield is lively.

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If avid gamers wait to make use of their tremendous till the overshield is up, they are going to obtain max injury throughout the tremendous and +60% weapon injury. Hit all three photographs with the Golden Gun and the max injury that may be inflicted is someplace round 350k. That is greater than a Celestial Nighthawk by some margin.

Gear, Weapons, And Mods

The Seventh Seraph Carbine is among the prime auto rifles in Destiny 2 in the meanwhile. Likewise, the Deafening Whisper grenade launcher is among the greatest particular weapons, and it pairs effectively with the mods listed beneath. Both weapons trigger splash injury, which is able to amplify the results of Warmind’s Decree.

  • Exotic: Star-Eater Scales leg armor
  • Kinetic Primary: Seventh Seraph Carbine
  • Special Weapon: Deafening Whisper Grenade Launcher

Below are the Artifact mods guardians might want to full the category.

  • Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle
  • Argent Ordinance
  • Blast Radius
  • Breach And Clear
  • Grenade Launcher Scavenger
  • Overload Hand Cannon
  • Rocket Launcher Scavenger
  • Unstoppable Grenade Launcher
  • Warmind’s Decree

Breach and Clear and Warmind’s Decree are probably the most impactful mods within the class. The Breach and Clear mod will increase grenade launcher injury whereas reloading stowed weapons. It de-buffs enemies too. When an enemy is killed with the Seventh Seraph, Warmind’s Decree has an opportunity to drop a Warmind Cell. Combined with the Mods above, the DPS potential for the construct is boundless. As lengthy as guardians can hold their tremendous power up, the mixture of therapeutic, injury, and shields is indomitable.

Stasis Revenant Build

beyond light

The key to creating a strong PVE stasis construct is acquiring the necessary aspects and decreasing capability cooldown instances. Gamers will first want to pick out the right subclass, which is the Revenant stasis tree. The two most necessary skills are the glacier grenade and the Shatterdive aspect. The whole class can be constructed across the two skills, which is able to permit gamers to freeze and shatter enemies. First, avid gamers ought to use the glacier grenade to freeze a number of enemies. While enemies are frozen, guardians can use Shatterdive to destroy stasis crystals and eradicate enemies immediately. Majors could be defeated by utilizing Shatterdive solely a handful of instances.

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Guardians will need to choose up Whisper of Fissures, which is able to improve the injury Shatterdive incurs. The shard may also improve the world of impact, inflicting injury to extra enemies with every dive. Likewise, Whisper of Shards will enhance the Shatterdive tactic by boosting the grenade recharge charge after every stasis crystal is shattered.

Gear And Mods

The gear and mods listed beneath will make the Hunter construct much more unstoppable:

  • Frost-EE5 (unique leg armor): Sprinting will increase capability regeneration. Dodging quickens dash.
  • Charge Harvester (mod): kills and assists have a small cumulative likelihood of charging a guardian with gentle.
  • Stacks on Stacks (mod): Gain an additional stack of Charged with Light for each stack gained.
  • Firepower (mod stacked 3x): Regain a portion of grenade power when a grenade is used.

The mixture of skills, mods, and Frost-EE5 will give avid gamers a brand new grenade each eight seconds on the very least. Charge Harvester and Stacks on Stacks will give guardians extra alternatives to make use of their tremendous as effectively. With this construct, weapons are irrelevant. Gamers can use the glacier grenade and Shatterdive all through any dusk mission and not using a drawback. Players ought to use their grenades, Shatterdive, and repeat. Even after the slight nerf, the mixture is totally damaged with the construct outlined above.

 Void Nightstalker Build

A Hunter - Destiny 2 Hunter DPS Tips

Since the launch of Destiny 2, the void subclasses have been viable in every season. Obviously, it will be silly to make use of something aside from stasis before the nerf. Now that stasis has been given a nerf, avid gamers can not less than experiment with different builds in PVE. This Nightstalker construct is optimized for DPS in PVE particularly. Guardians will need to be operating the vortex grenade, which is the very best of the three choices in PVE.

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Next gamers will need to have Gambler’s Dodge chosen as a result of it can routinely recharge Hunter melee skills if carried out close to an enemy. In PVE, the flexibility will basically activate after each dodge, as enemies can be in all places. Players also needs to have strafe bounce outfitted to maximise motion velocity and keep horizontal motion whereas within the air.

Moebius Quiver

The Moebius Quiver perk makes the underside tree void Hunter unimaginable in PVE. The perk permits avid gamers to fireside a number of Shadowshots as an alternative of 1. Additionally, tethered enemies will obtain elevated injury from Shadowshot and enemies killed will drop orbs of energy. If teammates are close to, they are going to obtain the Heart of the Pack buff, which will increase injury output. The specific armor and mods used are usually not as necessary with this construct, so long as avid gamers are stacking mind and mobility. Intellect will lower the orbs of energy wanted to activate an excellent, and mobility will assist the Hunter slide additional and bounce quicker. In PVE, the Nightstalker is a Shadowshot intensive construct. Guardians will need to improve the variety of instances they activate the tremendous to capitalize on the injury buff of Mobius quiver.

Primary And Special Weapons

Because the construct will rely closely on Shadowshot, avid gamers have leeway on the subject of weapon choice. Running a grenade launcher with an auto rifle is an effective pairing for DPS builds. Guardians ought to attempt to get their hand on Fallen Guillotine, because it is among the best swords in Destiny. Players will need to have a sword for bosses and majors. Combining the results of Shadowshot with Fallen Guillotine will make boss fights a lot much less grueling. Gamers which have grown uninterested in the hack and smash stasis class ought to experiment with Nightstalker in PVE.

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