Snowballs have returned alongside the Dawning annual winter vacation occasion in Destiny 2, and so they pack an extra Stasis impact as properly.

The Dawning occasion is certainly one of Destiny 2‘s annual specials, and snowballs return this yr with an extra profit for gamers to benefit from. Snowballs have been a staple within the Dawning occasion yr after yr since Destiny 2‘s first yr. But, like Destiny 2 itself, snowballs have modified considerably from their first yr. This yr, gamers could need to flip to Snowballs to assist them sort out certainly one of Destiny 2’s most challenging activities, Nightfalls.

Snowballs are additionally useful to gamers as they search out elements on Europa to convey to Eva Levante. Using Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1, gamers can take their huge array of gathered elements to bake one thing particular and distinctive for every of the distributors all through Destiny 2. The Dawning occasion is all in regards to the celebration of giving, and the extra gamers give to those NPCs, the extra they’re going to get in return. With many distinctive rewards obtainable, gamers might want to use each useful resource obtainable to bake as many treats as potential.


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First and foremost, snowballs are interactive piles of snow scattered all through Europa and Nightfall missions in Destiny 2. When gamers come throughout snowballs, they’re going to see just a few snowballs floating within the air with a pile of snow beneath the frozen spheres that could be a bit lighter than the atmosphere. Upon approaching the pile of snow, gamers could make a snowball to throw at enemies and deal harm on influence. Additionally, for the primary time in Destiny 2, snowballs now deal Stasis harm alongside their regular influence.

How To Improve Snowballs in Destiny 2

Having the power to deal Stasis harm to enemies is large in Destiny 2, particularly on any Nightfall run. These snowballs are limitless in use, and their Stasis impact permits gamers to benefit from a few of the Wayfinder’s Compass mods available in Destiny 2. With the Focusing Lens mod, specifically, gamers will be capable of deal extra harm with their Light skills to an enemy affected by Stasis. Additionally, by handing over 20 Dawning Spirits at a time, gamers can improve the facility of their snowballs with Eva Levante. These aforementioned upgrades have to be completed in chronological order, and gamers can obtain extra Dawning Spirits by finishing bounties and delivering in Destiny 2.

These are the order of snowball upgrades in Destiny 2:

  • Long Winter: Increases the length of sluggish results utilized by snowballs
  • Longer Winter: Increases the quantity of sluggish results utilized to combatants broken by snowballs
  • Longest Winter: Snowballs immediately freeze combatants broken by them
  • Stay Frosty: Snowballs go away a Stasis mine on influence
  • Gift That Keeps On Giving: Shattering frozen combatants causes them to drop snowballs

These results are much like the Stasis effects applied by Aspects in Destiny 2 and may really feel acquainted to anybody who makes use of the Status subclass steadily.

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Destiny 2 is offered on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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