There are 24 totally different Solstice Event Triumphs that need to be accomplished in Destiny 2 as a way to earn the Flamekeeper title earlier than the occasion ends.

Flamekeeper is a model new title that may be earned in Destiny 2 in the course of the Solstice occasion, however as soon as the festivities finish in the course of the weekly reset on August 9 the title will probably be unavailable till the 2023 occasion. Earning occasion titles can be a brand new characteristic in Destiny 2 that Bungie has begun to roll out with the launch of this 12 months’s Solstice. Like all titles, there are a number of Triumphs that should be accomplished earlier than Flamekeeper might be unlocked, however the added strain of restricted time to finish them makes incomes it difficult. Considering there are 24 Triumphs to earn in whole, Guardians might want to full greater than a Triumph per day to unlock Flamekeeper.


Unlike the Solstice Event Card challenges in Destiny 2, every Triumph solely must be accomplished as soon as to unlock Flamekeeper because the title development is shared throughout all characters. Additionally, the entire Solstice Triumphs are the identical because the Solstice challenges, which suggests Guardians will have the ability to declare the Kindling and Event Ticket rewards from their Event Cards as nicely. Be positive to assert each the Triumphs and Event Challenges, nonetheless, as claiming one doesn’t declare the opposite.

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After finishing the Celebrating Solstice quest in Destiny 2, the entire Secret Triumphs listed beneath the Flamekeeper title will give descriptions of what must be performed to finish every. While not each Event Triumph requires gamers to put on the brand new Candescent armor set in Destiny 2, it is a good suggestion to at the least Masterwork the category merchandise. Wearing the category merchandise will assist progress any of the Triumphs that require Silver Leaves or Silver Ash to be earned, so Masterworking the category merchandise is a straightforward manner to verify these particular Triumphs progress with out interrupting any builds which have already been created.

Every Solstice Event Triumph For The Flamekeeper Title

Every Solstice Event Triumph For The Flamekeeper Title
  • Bashing Success: Complete the Bonfire Bash exercise
  • Good Ignite: Defeat Ignition Carriers within the Bonfire Bash
  • Torch the Taken: Defeat Taken within the Bonfire Bash
  • Fuel for the Fire: Stoke the flames within the Bonfire Bash
  • Ash Tray: Collect 500 Silver Ash
  • All Around the Bonfire: Complete the Bonfire Bash exercise in opposition to all combatant races (2x Cabal, 2x Hive, 2x Fallen)
  • Fuel for the Fire II: Stoke 100 flames within the Bonfire Bash
  • Fuel for the Fire III: Stoke 150 flames within the Bonfire Bash activity in Destiny 2
  • Like Wildfire: Defeat targets wherever within the system. Defeating Guardians awards bonus progress
  • Pyromania: Defeat combatants with Solar talents
  • Superlative: Defeat targets with Super talents
  • Fire Power: Defeat combatants or opposing Guardians with Power weapons
  • Forged in Flame: Defeat 100 opposing Guardians in any exercise
  • Hand Lighter: Defeat targets with Hand Cannons
  • Shotgun Solstice: Defeat targets with Shotguns
  • Burn Them Down: Defeat bosses wherever within the system
  • Raking the Coals: Complete playlist actions to earn Silver Leaves
  • Solstice Jubilee: Complete Public Events on any vacation spot to earn Silver Leaves
  • Lamplighter: Complete Patrols on any vacation spot to earn Silver Leaves
  • Dare to Dream: Complete runs of the Blind Well or Dares of Eternity to get Silver Leaves in Destiny 2
  • Brightfall: Complete Vanguard Ops or Nightfalls to earn Silver Leaves
  • Fires of Competition: Complete matches in Crucible or Gambit playlists to earn 25 Silver Leaves
  • A Spark within the Dark: Complete Sever missions or rounds of Altars of Sorrow to earn Silver Leaves
  • In the Hot Heat: Complete actions throughout the Throne World to earn Silver Leaves

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Destiny 2 is on the market on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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