Delicate Tomb is the featured Exotic for Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder. This Fusion Rifle synergizes effectively with Arc 3.0 and is nice for add clear.

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Delicate Tomb is a brand-new Fusion Rifle launched into Destiny 2 with Season of Plunder. This pirate-themed weapon matches exceptionally effectively with the aesthetic of Season 18. The Fusion Rifle can also be Arc and synergizes with the brand new Arc 3.0 subclasses. Additionally, delicate Tomb shoots a large unfold of bolts, nice for clearing out a gaggle of enemies. This Exotic could be earned free in Season of Plunder or acquired early if cash is spent.

Delicate Tomb’s equipment revolves round amassing Ionic Traces. These was unique to Warlocks however can now be produced by all courses. Ionic Traces are Arc bolts that drop from enemies and observe towards Guardians. Picking these up will grant potential vitality. Delicate Tomb can create Ionic Traces by defeating enemies. This Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 is ready to use these Arc bolts to amplify its results.


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Delicate Tomb comes with the Perks: Fluted Barrel, Liquid Coils, Short-Action Stock, and Tempest Cascade. The weapon’s Intrinsic Trait known as Traitor’s Vessel. This permits Delicate Tomb to fireplace a large horizontal burst when shot from the hip. Final blows with the weapon even have an opportunity to generate Ionic Traces. Defeating Guardians and highly effective enemies are assured to drop these Arc bolts. Additionally, Tempest Cascade makes amassing Ionic Traces overcharge Delicate Tomb’s subsequent shot, Jolting targets hit. For these which are unaware, Jolted is a brand new impact added with Arc 3.0. When enemies are stricken with this debuff, subsequent harm will chain lightning to close by targets. Finally, guardians can pair the Delicate Tomb with different methods of producing Ionic Traces for much more important results, such because the Spark of Discharge Fragment.

How To Get The Delicate Tomb (& Catalyst) In Destiny 2

Like Destiny 2‘s Trespasser Exotic Sidearm from final season, Delicate Tomb could be earned from the reward observe. This Fusion Rifle could be obtained without spending a dime by attending to rank 35. Alternatively, Guardians that personal the Season Pass can instantly gather Delicate Tomb at rank 0. This could be bought for 1,000 Silver, which prices $9.99. Upon getting Delicate Tomb, the Exotic Catalyst quest could be picked up from Banshee-44 in The Tower. The first step of this mission in Destiny 2 is to defeat 50 targets with Special ammo weapons and eradicate difficult combatants. The second step has Guardians full playlist actions and defeats enemies utilizing Delicate Tomb. Finally, the final step is to return to Banshee-44 to say this Catalyst in Destiny 2.

Fully unlocking the enhancement requires that gamers defeat 700 foes with the Exotic Fusion Rifle. The Catalyst permits for the gathering of Ionic Traces to partially reload the journal from reserves. Guardians have the whole Season of Plunder to earn Delicate Tomb and its enhancement, so there is no such thing as a motive to not get this free Exotic in Destiny 2.

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