With The Witch Queen enlargement quick approaching, Destiny 2 followers generate a number of rumors, leaks, and theories about its titular villain Savathun.

Over the course of 4 years Bungie has been rigorously crafting Destiny 2‘s storyline, and the seasonal mannequin that enables the studio to deal with this in smaller bits of lore makes every week one thing to look ahead to. With the subsequent main enlargement, The Witch Queen, coming early subsequent 12 months, Destiny 2 has been at the center of several leaks, rumors, and fan theories surrounding Savathun. The Hive God of Trickery is the titular character for the enlargement, and she or he has been fairly related all through the previous few Seasons, particularly so for the reason that Seasons of Arrivals due to her makes an attempt to forestall the Darkness from reaching out to Guardians.

Savathun has been thought of one of many predominant antagonists in Destiny 2 for a very long time based mostly on lore, the truth that she is aligned with the Darkness, and since she is a Hive God. However, Savathun’s actions throughout Season of Arrivals revealed that she is just not so shut with the Darkness in any case, and poses the query as to why she would exit of her method to stop it from making contact with gamers. Still, Savathun is the grasp of crafty, and a few consider it may all be a part of an even bigger ploy to be revealed when The Witch Queen launches.

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Savathun is the Emissary of the Nine

Going again to Season of Arrivals, that is when one of the vital intriguing fan theories regarding Savathun appeared on-line. The concept means that the Eyes of Savathun discovered scattered across the numerous planets that have been vaulted when Beyond Light got here are the identical because the eyes of the Emissary of the Nine.

This would indicate that the Emissary is Savathun herself, and that the Nine do not even exist within the first place. Rather, they’re a lie made up by the Hive God to accumulate extra energy via the Sword Logic. The Eyes of Savathun have been finally linked to an Exotic quest for the void hint rifle Ruinous Effigy, and no additional proof to show or confute the idea arose.

Savathun is Zavala’s Cat

There is a number of concern about Savathun’s true id and the varieties she might need taken to spy on humanity whereas concocting malevolent plots, and a hilarious theory suggests the Hive God is Zavala’s cat. An Exotic sidearm by the title of Traveler’s Chosen has a clue in its description stating that Savathun has infiltrated the Last City and is spying on the Vanguard via the cranium of an Ahamkara present in Lord Shaxx’s dwelling quarters. That’s why the idea suggests it is not the cranium itself, however somewhat a creature that would match into it – a cat.

Savathun is Osiris

As for an additional concept concerning Savathun’s id and the shape she took within the Last City, the preferred and arguably credible of the bunch is that Savathun is actually Osiris. The legendary Warlock has been appearing a bit off character for some time now, and particularly so in the course of the Season of the Splicer, the place he insists for Mithrax to not look into Lakshmi-2 Vex know-how and desires to persuade each the Splicer and the Guardian to seize Quria as a substitute of destroying her. There is rather a lot occurring right here, and the idea says Osiris was captured or killed by Savathun firstly of the Season of the Hunt, alongside his Ghost, and the Hive God has been posing as him ever since.

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Quria is just not Dead

season of the splicer explained

Speaking of Quria, Guardians make a journey into the Vex community throughout Season of the Splicer, and finally kill the Taken Vex Mind. Quria is under Savathun’s control, a minimum of partly contemplating she has retained a proportion of her personal free will, and she or he was constructed up as a outstanding enemy and menace in Destiny 2. As such, it will make sense for Savathun to have manipulated actuality to make Quria look lifeless. One piece of proof for that is that one thing appears off concerning the Vex Mind’s loss of life animation. After Quria’s physique explodes, her head merely falls off intact, which may point out that the Witch Queen’s crafty has succeeded as soon as once more.

Savathun’s Worm and the Darkness

destiny 2 savathun leak witch queen

Another leak about Savathun is that she desires to be free of the pact along with her Hive Worm, and likewise from the Darkness. There are grounds for this alleged leak’s validity coming from two separate lore entries within the sport. The first is about Savathun watching a Crucible match and despising how the Light is getting used for sports activities, stating it is too highly effective for use like that. The second is a brief story from Savathun’s point of view, however right here she has a human physique and is strolling the streets of the Last City, lamenting how her Worm has grown insatiable.

Savathun’s Leaked Image

destiny 2 savathun leaked image

Among the a number of leaks about Season 15 and The Witch Queen expansion, one full doc from the leak that occurred previous to the Season of the Splicer principally predicts all that is going to occur. In this doc, evidently Savathun shall be wielding the Light and be resurrected by a Ghost after she dies, however solely as soon as a Guardian severs the pact along with her Worm by killing it.

Then, a few days in the past a brand new picture surfaced, and it reveals Savathun’s alleged ultimate kind with a Ghost floating over her shoulder, seemingly confirming what the leaks have been saying. Of course, this leak ought to be taken with a pinch of salt, and that is as a result of the implications of Savathun wielding the Light are quite a few and will change the sport endlessly.

Destiny 2 is obtainable for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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