Some followers could also be below the impression that K-Pop idols solely have the entrance elements of their tooth whitened, however dentists Park Ho San and Esther need them to know that it’s a false impression!

Park Ho San (left) and Esther (proper)

In an interview with YouTube channel AYO, a netizen introduced up the subject, insisting that idols don’t whiten their again tooth.

I feel idols periodically get tooth whitening, however they simply do it within the elements you may see however not the elements you may’t see. That half is white however the others are yellow…

— Netizen remark

Esther clarified that idols have all elements of their tooth whitened, not solely the entrance. It simply so occurs {that a} tooth has each yellow and white elements.

That’s a misunderstanding! They don’t just do the entrance half however the entire tooth. If you take a look at your tooth, all of them have totally different colours. In a tooth, some elements are yellow and a few are white.

— Esther

Park Ho San defined the idea additional. According to him, there’s a layer in tooth known as “dentin” that’s yellow in coloration. It doesn’t at all times present up nicely, which is why some tooth look whiter than others.

There are three layers in a tooth. There’s an enamel layer on the surface and a dentin layer beneath. Originally, the dentin layer is yellow. Depending on how thick, clear, or white, when you can’t see the yellow coloration inside nicely, the tooth will look comparatively white.

— Park Ho San

To masks the yellow coloration, idols endure a tooth whitening process.

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However, as a result of it isn’t everlasting, Park Ho San recommends that idols have their tooth whitened yearly.

Teeth whitening will not be everlasting. It is a synthetic course of utilizing a product, so typically the unique coloration returns inside a yr. I like to recommend getting it yearly to keep up it.

— Park Ho San

White tooth are undeniably stunning, however Esther’s skilled opinion is that it appears nicer if it isn’t too good!

But it appears bizarre in case your complete tooth are too white. I feel you’ll discover it enticing when you settle for the truth that the colours could be totally different.

— Esther

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