The Parsi neighborhood are celebrating their New Year, Navroz as we speak. Actress Delnaaz Irani has been busy since morning celebrating the day along with her expensive ones.

The actress talked about her plans for the large day throughout an interview with BT and shared, “Like every year, we are celebrating it with a lot of excitement and cheer. We will be meeting up at my mother’s house along with all our other relatives. My cousins and their kids will also be present. We offer prayers to the fire by going to the fire temple and that’s the most important thing to do on the day.”

Talking concerning the menu for the event, she added, “We don’t cook today, we order traditional Parsi food from outside. There is a huge spread today, considering that it is a day of prayer and celebration for us. We have mora dal chawal with prawns patiya, salli boti and patrani macchi which is considered auspicious to make on this day. We had suji ka halwa in the morning and will have lunch with the entire family. Mara dal Chawal is my favourite dish along with fried fish or salli boti.”

Every yr, Delnaaz used to carry out on stage on Navroj. Talking about it she shared, “I have been part of plays which have been staged on Navroz, so almost every year I have been busy with that in the evenings. But this year as there is no play that I am a part of, we will be going to watch a movie or a play. We haven’t planned that yet.  We also have our chit-chatting sessions at night and that’s when we also play board games and have a lot of fun.”

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