This lead singer has unimaginable voice management 🤩

Most individuals who aren’t tremendous accustomed to ATEEZ‘s members often think that San is part of the group’s dance line as a consequence of his unimaginable stage presence and power, and are stunned to be taught that his solely “official” place is as lead vocalist!

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And whereas he does have a fascinating and passionate aura on stage that provides him such a magnetic attraction when he performs, there’s a purpose he was additionally chosen to be a member of ATEEZ’s vocal line.

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He has a good looking voice that’s showcased splendidly in all of ATEEZ’s discography, from their softer ballads to their extra hard-hitting songs.

And not too long ago, a clip from their Summer Photobook DVD has been making the rounds on social media as a consequence of how properly it reveals San’s vocal stability, alongside together with his dynamism together with his voice!

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In the clip, San is seen bouncing round just like the energetic goofball he’s whereas he, Jongho, and Mingi do karaoke. And then, with seemingly little effort, he transitions right into a fantastically growly voice and excessive notice that leaves his fellow members in awe.

And this isn’t the primary time San has proven how a lot potential he has for rock music. There have been a number of situations on-stage and reside of this vocal prowess…

And he additionally was in a band when he was in center college as a vocalist!

Comments on the publish of him singing karaoke are praising his abilities.

Hopefully San will get extra alternatives to point out his vocal skills in numerous genres quickly!

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