There’s loads of nice ‘What If’ tales within the historical past of comics, however certainly one of most intriguing could be the destiny of Fabian Nicieza, and his failed origin saga for the now extremely well-known antihero Deadpool. Though now certainly one of Marvel Comics’ most recognizable characters, again in his early days within the ‘90s Deadpool’s preliminary outings have been rocky, because the character struggled to seek out correct characterization. It seems that the co-creator of Deadpool, Nicieza, truly had an prolonged origin, nonetheless this plan would eternally turn out to be a dream deferred.


Creating the endearing “Merc with a Mouth” within the pages of New Mutants alongside artist Rob Liefeld in 1990, Nicieza quickly started to weave the mercurial Wade Wilson into the grand tapestry of his sci-fi tinged long-term plan for his run on the X-titles, even devoting a whole miniseries to him. However, earlier than Nicieza might implement his ending touches on the character, he was unceremoniously dropped from his work on his titles, together with X-Men and X-Force in 1995. Despite having written a few of the X-Men’s most iconic tales of the ‘90s, including “The Wedding of Cyclops and Jean Grey,” as well as X-Men #25, which featured the culmination of the Fatal Attractions crossover and saw Magneto rip the adamantium out of Wolverine’s skeleton, Nicieza’s plans for Deadpool would by no means come to fruition.

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Speaking to Vulture in 2018, Nicieza described the state of affairs in extremely fraught phrases, saying that, after his authentic miniseries Deadpool: The Circle Chase, he had deliberate a follow-up collection that will see Deadpool dive additional into his antihero streak and go on a “rampage” of revenge when his most cancers, beforehand held in examine by the medical help of his employers at Weapon X, would return. The miniseries would have additional cemented Deadpool as a violent vigilante in related vein to Frank Miller’s heroes of Sin City, nevertheless it was a step too far for his editors, in response to Nicieza. “The editors deemed it ‘too depressing’ — which, no kidding, of course it was depressing. Let’s just say I wasn’t very happy about that decision to bounce me off the second Deadpool limited series, and it was another nail in the coffin of my involvement in the X-books at that time,” he informed Vulture.

A Dream Deferred

While this plot line would eternally be deserted, it does share some thematic similarities with the 2016 Deadpool movie, which options the character taking revenge in opposition to a villain who was chargeable for destroying his face and failing to treatment his most cancers, a plot level vastly much like that Nicieza initially pitched to Marvel. It must also be famous that the supporting characters Copycat and Weasel, upon which two characters from the film additionally drew inspiration, have been additionally created throughout Nicieza’s run.

Nicieza’s method to Deadpool, whereas a product of its time, was not but the fourth wall-breaking absurdist humor, over-the-top violence and overly-casual relationship with the heavier hitters of the Marvel Universe. Instead, what Nicieza will be remembered for in his method to the character he created was a sure ‘90s “rule of cool” that pervaded the industry at the time. Regardless, Fabian Nicieza‘s discarded take on the character’s origins would end in maybe Deadpool’s most well-known variation, depicted on the silver display.

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