Many well-known monsters and villains from well-liked horror media have featured as Killers throughout varied DLC chapters in Dead By Daylight, however developer Behaviour Interactive has additionally created a complete catalog of authentic Killers. The Hag just isn’t a part of the bottom sport and should be bought, both individually from the in-game Store or within the Of Flesh and Mud DLC chapter. Lisa Sherwood, The Hag, has one of many sadder Killer backstories in Dead By Daylight and in addition launched the Hex Totem sport mechanic that has since grow to be a staple of each Trial. Lisa was kidnapped from her village throughout a storm by cannibals who tortured and consumed their prisoners slowly, piece by piece. After releasing herself, she swore an oath of vengeance towards those that had wronged her. As a Killer, The Hag can draw symbols within the filth which are troublesome for Survivors to detect. When triggered, these traps permit her to teleport across the map and simply strike Survivors for large management.

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Like all different Killers in Dead By Daylight, The Hag has two important powers and three distinctive Perks that may ultimately be unlocked for all different characters. She primarily makes use of her traps to watch Survivors and maintain down Survivor Objectives, like Generators and Hex Totems, and her emaciated claws to injure and down characters. Her powers may be improved upon with dozens of Add-On gadgets in her Bloodweb. The Hag is taken into account an Intermediate-difficulty Killer who could also be barely harder for newcomers to get snug utilizing. Here’s every little thing gamers ought to find out about The Hag’s skills and methods for enjoying her successfully in Dead By Daylight.

Dead By Daylight The Hag Perks

When gamers select The Hag as their selected Killer in Dead By Daylight, they might want to grasp her two primary weapon powers. Her primary assault is a straightforward swipe of her unnaturally elongated Claw. Her particular energy is known as Blackened Catalyst, and these are the symbols she attracts on the bottom to set traps. A entice will go off if Survivors run inside three meters of it, although this may be expanded with Add-Ons. When tripped, the entice creates a Mud Phantasm of The Hag that jumps as much as scare gamers. The Phantasm wrenches Survivors’ cameras towards it and screams, disorienting them. It additionally emits a brief Terror Radius and can hold its eyes continuously educated on the Survivor.

During the 5 seconds wherein the Phantasm Trap is tripped, The Hag can teleport to that entice and catch disoriented Survivors. The Hag should be inside 40 meters of the entice to teleport there. After teleporting, She is quickly slowed for about one second, giving Survivors a slight head begin. The Hag can have as much as ten traps on the map directly, with every new one after that changing the oldest.

Survivors can destroy traps utilizing the Flashlight merchandise, both by bringing it into the Trial or discovering one in a Chest. They might want to discover the entice’s Aura with the sunshine, then purpose the Flashlight straight on the entice to destroy it. Destruction takes about 0.5 seconds.

Dead By Daylight Hag Blight skin

The Hag has three unique Perks, all Hexes that gentle up Hex Totems across the map. Like different characters, as soon as The Hag reaches ranges 30, 35, and 40, her Perks start to seem within the Bloodwebs of different Killers. Some of her private Perks can work effectively with most Killers within the Dead By Daylight roster. The Hag’s private Perks are:

  • Hex: The Third Seal: The final 2/3/4 Survivors hit with the Killer’s Basic Attack undergo from the Blindness Status Effect so long as the related Hex Totem is standing.
  • Hex: Ruin: All Generators mechanically regress at 100/150/200% of the conventional Regression velocity when they don’t seem to be being repaired. This impact lasts so long as the related Hex Totem is standing.
  • Hex: Devour Hope: Each time a Survivor is rescued from a Hook when the Killer is not less than 24 meters away, Devour Hope receives one Token. At two Tokens, 10 seconds after hooking a Survivor, the Killer features 3/4/5% Haste for 10 seconds. At three Tokens, Survivors undergo completely from the Exposed Status Effect. At 5 Tokens, the Killer can kill Survivors by their very own hand. These results persist so long as the related Hex Totem stays standing.

To counter these Perks, Survivors should discover the related Hex Totem and Cleanse it. Because The Hag can see the Auras of her personal lit Totems, it’s attainable to rig these with Blackened Catalyst traps and stop Survivors from cleaning to make sure The Hag’s energy stays sturdy.

The Hag in Dead By Daylight Cropped

Typically, many gamers who use The Hag select to run Ruin and Devour Hope, and can switch these to different Killers they play. They will typically substitute The Third Seal with a Perk from one other Killer. Because The Hag doesn’t have a great way to counter Healing, Perks that focus on therapeutic Survivors are good to prioritize. In addition, Perks that shield Hex Totems are a good suggestion. Good different teachable Perks that work effectively with The Hag’s control-based Killer abilities embody:

  • A Nurse’s Calling (The Nurse): The Auras of Survivors therapeutic or being healed are revealed inside a spread of 20/24/28 meters.
  • Corrupt Intervention (The Plague): At the beginning of the Trial, the three Generators farthest from The Killer are blocked by The Entity for 80/100/120 seconds.
  • Franklin’s Demise (The Cannibal): The Killer’s Basic Attack makes Survivors drop their Items on impression. If not recovered inside 150/120/90 seconds, the misplaced Item loses all costs. The Auras of misplaced gadgets are revealed to the Killer in white, fading to pink as time elapses.
  • Hex: Undying (The Blight): Survivors inside 4 meters of any Dull Totem have their aura revealed. When one other Hex Totem is cleansed, that Totem’s Hex transfers to the Hex: Undying Totem, deactivating Hex: Undying however maintaining the opposite Hex lively.
  • Make Your Choice (The Pig): Each time a Survivor is rescued from the Hook when the Killer is not less than 32 meters away, Make Your Choice prompts and offers the rescuer the Exposed Status Effect for 40/50/60 seconds.
  • Monitor & Abuse (The Doctor): The Killer’s base Terror Radius is elevated by eight meters, however whereas not in a Chase, their Terror Radius is decreased by 16 meters, and Field of View is elevated by 3/5/10. Field of View results don’t stack.
  • Save the Best for Last (The Shape): Each time the Killer hits a Survivor aside from the Obsession with a Basic Attack, Save the Best for Last features one Token (as much as eight Tokens). The Killer features a stackable 5% cooldown discount on profitable assaults per Token, as much as a most of 40%. Hitting the Obsession with a Basic Attack causes Save the Best for Last to lose 4/3/2 Tokens.

Players may use any normal meta Perks when taking part in as The Hag, like Hex: No One Escapes Death and Tinkerer. They will wish to experiment with the choices they’ve accessible and discover the construct that works finest for them.

Dead By Daylight Survivors

Dead By Daylight gamers can use Add-Ons present in The Hag’s private Bloodweb to extend her energy. The finest choices improve the vary from which Survivors can set off traps and The Hag’s teleportation vary. These embody:

  • Dried Cicada: Considerably will increase most Teleportation vary
  • Bloodied Mud: Considerably will increase Phantasm Trap Trigger vary
  • Rusty Shackles: Triggered traps don’t spawn a Phantasm and do not give a sign of getting been triggered.
  • Grandma’s Heart: The Hag’s Terror Radius is decreased to zero, and the Phantasm Trap’s pretend Terror Radius is elevated to 16 meters.
  • Mint Rag: Grants The Hag the power to teleport to any untriggered Phantasm Trap on the map at will, with a cooldown of 15 seconds between teleports.

Killers are restricted to no matter gadgets seem randomly in their Bloodweb, so it’s a good suggestion to experiment with completely different Add-Ons to discover a mixture that works finest for the participant’s most well-liked type and chosen Perks. Generally, although The Hag has some Add-Ons that get rid of the power to Teleport whereas granting different skills, it’s best to keep away from these till gamers are not less than snug utilizing her.

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Dead By Daylight is out there for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, & Nintendo Switch.

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