The mending cantrip in Dungeons & Dragons 5e has grow to be superb within the Spelljammer marketing campaign setting, as it may be used to repair ships.

The new Spelljammer marketing campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons has turned one of many worst D&D cantrips into one of the best, because the mending cantrip is now essential spell for any celebration to own. Cantrips (previously often called zero stage spells in older editions) aren’t as highly effective because the leveled slots, however they can be utilized an infinite variety of occasions, whereas common spells are tied to a restricted variety of slots. There are some highly effective offensive cantrips, like eldritch blast, fireplace bolt, and sacred flame, whereas others are meant to be used outdoors of fight.


The mending cantrip could be taken by artificers, bards, clerics, druids, sorcerers, and wizards. The spell takes one minute to solid and it repairs tears and breaks in objects, as long as it isn’t greater than a foot in diamater. Mending also can repair damaged magic gadgets, but it surely will not resore any shattered enchantments. The mending cantrip belongs to D&D‘s school of transmutation and it requires all three element sorts, so it is nothing one thing that may simply be utilized in a rush or when in captivity.

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The situational nature of mending, coupled with having a casting time longer than an motion, implies that it is one of many worst cantrips in D&D. It’s not essentially a horrible spell: it simply does not discover a lot use in comparison with the attacking or buffing cantrips. The period of mending is right here, nonetheless, as Spelljammer: Adventures in Space has turned mending into the most effective cantrips within the recreation.

Mending Can Fix Spelljammer Ships For Free In D&D

Spelljammer is a D&D marketing campaign setting that entails crusing ships which were enchanted to have the ability to fly via house, with a magical aura that gives a breathable ambiance and gravity. The gamers aren’t the one individuals with a spelljammer, nonetheless, and the Spelljammer setting has 16 different ship types, a few of which belong to the monster races. This means a ship to ship battle is inevitable, and when it occurs, the gamers’ spelljammer goes to take some injury.

The Astral Adventurer’s Guide supplies guidelines for fixing a spelljammer. It takes in the future and 20 gp whereas the ship is berthed to restore 1 hit level of harm to the vessal, whereas it solely prices 10gp to heal one 1 hit level of harm to a weapon. By far the quickest method to repair a spellhammer ship is thru the mending cantrip, which restores 1d8 hit factors + the spellcasting modifier of the consumer, although the ship solely advantages from the spell as soon as per hour. This remains to be a drastically faster and cheaper technique of fixing a ship, to the purpose the place each spellcasting character in a Spelljammer marketing campaign that may have it take ought to have mending of their repertoire. The D&D mending cantrip went from a bad choice to an important a part of any Spelljammer Dungeons & Dragons marketing campaign.

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