Cillian Murphy performed the Scarecrow in all three Dark Knight Trilogy movies, however maybe he ought to reprise the position within the DCEU’s continuity.

Christopher Nolan’s critically-acclaimed Dark Knight Trilogy consists of among the superhero style’s most influential movies, and one notable actor from the trilogy ought to be a part of the continuing DC Extended Universe. Taking a grounded and comparatively practical strategy to one in all DC’s most iconic superheroes, the Dark Knight trilogy revitalized the Batman franchise and impressed numerous movies, whether or not or not they’re superhero diversifications. The trilogy is understood for its distinctive takes on Batman’s well-known rogue’s gallery, and one villain, particularly, is ideal for the DCEU, with the Dark Knight trilogy actor taking part in a brand new model of the character.


Cillian Murphy performed Doctor Jonathan Crane, a.okay.a. the Scarecrow, in Batman Begins as one of many movie’s main villains, with Murphy reprising the position in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. The DCEU is a drastically completely different universe than Nolan’s Batman continuity, prioritizing comedian e-book accuracy over relative realism, but Murphy can and may play a brand new model of Scarecrow to match the newer franchise. Reusing superhero movie actors in new (and even the identical) continuities shouldn’t be exceptional, and Murphy’s vary and historical past with the Scarecrow character would make him an ideal addition to Batman’s DCEU rogue’s gallery.

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Why The DCEU Can Re-Use A Dark Knight Actor

The DCEU’s counterpart franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, already has a historical past of reusing actors. Luke Cage’s Alfre Woodard and Mahershala Ali every discovered extra roles within the MCU, with for former taking part in Miriam Sharpe and the latter taking part in Blade. The MCU’s Spider-Man franchise reintroduced J.Ok. Simmons to the position of J. Jonah Jameson, albeit a unique iteration of the character than the one seen in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy (although each iterations are a part of the MCU multiverse).

If Cillian Murphy have been to affix the DCEU because the Scarecrow, the reprisal can be akin to Simmons’ newer iteration of Jameson, with Murphy taking part in a brand new continuity’s Jonathan Crane. This model of Scarecrow would seemingly have a extra comic-accurate costume and way more outlandish plots, together with a longtime historical past with Ben Affleck’s experienced version of Batman. Despite this, the weather of Murphy’s Dark Knight trilogy performances would seemingly stay, permitting him to keep up his chilling portrayals in a extra fantastical setting.

Why Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow Should Return

While by no means the first antagonist in any of the Dark Knight trilogy’s movies, Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow is the one supervillain to seem in all three films and stays an iconic aspect of Nolan’s Batman universe. Considering Murphy’s vary in TV exhibits like Peaky Blinders and the upcoming movie Oppenheimer, his chilling potential as a extra comic-accurate Scarecrow can be welcome within the DCEU. Moreover, the Dark Knight trilogy didn’t really use Scarecrow to his fullest potential, and the DCEU would offer Cillian Murphy with one other likelihood to play the Scarecrow in a far bigger position.

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