Aquaman is proving to be one of the well-received DCEU characters which has led to the creation of many memes summarizing the character.

While DCEU team-up movies could also be on maintain for now, the upcoming release of many solo DCEU movies, corresponding to Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom, has many followers excited as Jason Momoa is about to return to his iconic position because the titular hero.

While Jason Momoa has change into acknowledged and praised by many film followers for his cool and loveable himbo model of Aquaman, the web has a plethora of memes that present laugh-inducing critiques and relatable experiences that completely encapsulate the portrayal of Aquaman within the DCEU.

The Hero Fans Deserve


As if the Mermaid Man references weren’t already prevalent sufficient within the meme world of the web, changing Aquaman together with his SpongeBob satirical knock-off as he shouts his catchphrase is simply pure comedic genius.

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Since the character of Mermaid Man is closely impressed by the entire jokes and exaggerated goofiness of Aquaman, this meme hilariously gives a enjoyable twist to a standard superhero film poster whereas additionally acknowledging the quips and powers of Aquaman.

Two Halves Of The Same Character

While additionally proving an Aquaman twist to one of the standard memes of all time, this meme completely portrays the generational hole between the followers who grew up Aquaman as extra of a joke and the newer followers who see Jason Momoa because the definitive model of the character.

Most followers love the DCEU model of the character as he’s each lovable and bodily imposing, however that can by no means rid the characters of the goofy nature of his powers, although it’s absolutely embraced all through the movie.

Fixing The Reputation Of The Character

As Jason Momoa continues to alter and form how DCEU followers and newcomers view Aquaman, many agree that he’s excellent for the position and his loveable himbo nature makes him a personality followers respect as an alternative of constructing enjoyable of.

As the meme exhibits how right now’s live-action model of Aquaman would view the earlier variations of himself, the meme encapsulates the whole lot Jason Momoa’s brutal model of the character stands for.

Poor Aquaman

An image of Aquaman looking tired in the DCEU Movies

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Jason Momoa’s charismatic and difficult model of the character has offered a breath of contemporary air for a lot of followers of the character who’re used to him being the butt finish of fish jokes, however even this hasn’t saved Aquaman from this tropes as considered one of Batman’s first traces to the character is “I hear you talk to fish.”

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Aquaman can change into as cool and beloved of a superhero as Superman or Batman, nevertheless it appears even that received’t save the DCEU character from falling prey to this unending joke.

The Real Waterboy

Making mild of Aquaman’s mantle, this Twitter person believes that Aquaman’s youthful years ought to be titled Waterboy, provided that each characters are robust, humorous, and courageous. However, as many followers will be capable of attest that is the place many of the parallels cease for the reason that hearts of their tales go in two totally different instructions.

Aside from Jason Momoa’s stellar performance as the character, this film additionally received followers over due to relatable storylines and spectacular particular results.

The “Perfect”  Aquaman

Since Aquaman is a personality that has been round since nearly the very starting of superhero comics, he has positively had considerably of an id disaster through the years as writers of the character cannot appear to determine a constant tone for the character.

In utilizing reverse humor by praising the older and extra foolish variations of the character, this meme permits followers to see simply how far Aquaman has come from being “the guy that talks to fish” to one of many foundational members of the Justice League within the DCEU.

An Army To Back Him Up

While this meme can appear fairly degrading to the character at first, it is usually tremendous correct because the climax of Aquaman noticed the character together with a legion of sea creatures flip the tide within the battle in opposition to King Orm.

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Seeing the favored Pixar characters from Finding Nemo positively provides a lot of guffaws to this meme (as is frequent when speaking about Aquaman’s communication with fish) nevertheless it additionally completely exhibits that in terms of the ocean, there’s nothing that the King of Atlantis doesn’t have dominion over.

Hilarious Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

One of the memorable comedy moments from the primary Aquaman movie got here when Arthur made a joke about him at the moment peeing on the water-powered machine as an alternative of Vera having to make use of her powers to take action.

As the DCEU model of the character thrives on being an efficient hero whereas additionally not taking himself too severely, this meme gives audiences with a hilarious reminder of the Aquaman’s quippy nature that he has in right now’s movies.

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