DC Comics simply identified {that a} heroes superhero codename would not make a complete lot of sense, particularly with their lack of powers within the DC Universe

Warning! Spoilers for Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 by DC Comics

DC Comics is admitting {that a} new hero, the Red Canary, has a codename that does not actually make sense. In Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1, Robin calls out the hero for having a reputation that does not connect with her powers in any method. While Red Canary is a legacy hero to DC’s Black Canary, her taking up the title, regardless of not having a Canary Cry, would not precisely match the hero or her skills.


Codenames are an important a part of being a hero, as not solely do they serve to cowl up a secret id, however they will instill worry or encourage these throughout the universe. From Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, there are some nice monikers within the DC Universe. However, characters like Ice believe their names are the worst, as these selecting simplicity has led to some less-than-inspired outcomes. However, for DC’s new Red Canary, DC simply referred to as out the hero’s identify for not making any sense.

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In Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 by Mark Waid, Delilah S. Dawson, Dennis Culver, Freddie E. Williams II, Jack Herbert, Adriano Lucas, and Troy Peteri from DC Comics, the brand new Red Canary joins heroes in their quest to reach the House of Heroes, to forestall the Dark Army from taking up the Multiverse. However, when the hero, who would not seem to have powers and is utilizing stolen high-tech escrima sticks as her weapons, tells Robin her identify, he factors out that “canaries can actually fly,” which is one thing the Red Canary cannot do. Nevertheless, Red Canary admits she’s “working on it.”

Red Canary’s Name Might Not Make Sense, But She’s A Hero

Red Canary Name Doesn't Make Sense

While Black Canary’s ‘Canary Cry’ powers connect her to her moniker and within the film, the hero takes up the identify partly as a result of she’s a singer in a membership, Red Canary would not have any of these connections to justify her taking up the canary identify. Ultimately, she simply desires to be a drive of fine within the DC Universe and assist in any method she will be able to. With her martial artwork coaching and constructive angle, she’s on the trail to changing into a hero, even when DC admits her identify would not make sense.

It’s potential Red Canary will be given powers or a backstory that makes her identify make sense within the DC Universe. But till that occurs, Robin admitting her superhero codename would not fairly make sense is the reality. However, the Red Canary has loads of time to make it work. Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 by DC Comics is in comedian e book shops now.

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