New music from DAWN is coming!

Two days in the past, K-Pop soloist DAWN hinted to followers that he could have joined a brand new label with a put up on Instagram.

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He shared a picture of himself with the caption “New place, new music coming soon”, which had many followers expressing their pleasure within the feedback. Even ex-girlfriend HyunA commented on the put up with a number of hearth emojis.

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This put up took place 5 months after he left his earlier label, P NATION, again in August 2022.

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And now, in line with media retailers on January 27, DAWN is imagined to have joined the label AREA, based by GroovyRoom. AREA was created in 2021, and is at the moment house to soloists Gemini and Mirani.

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About 13 hours in the past as of the time of this writing, DAWN shared one other put up on Instagram that merely has a coronary heart and a bandage because the caption. This has led to much more pleasure that the soloist appears to be making ready to release new music, presumably underneath his rumored new label AREA.

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We’re excited to see what DAWN has ready for us with this new course in his profession!

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