From singing and dancing to pictures and judo, BTS‘s has talent to spare. Now, he’s including one other passion to his ever-growing checklist!


V just lately tweeted a video to replace followers on his golf progress.

Why golf? V determined to take up the game to meet his father’s “greatest wish.

| Weverse

My dad mentioned his biggest wish is to go {golfing} with me so I’ve been studying for the previous three weeks-ish. I haven’t even made my debut out on the sector but…

— V

V’s golf abilities are impressing followers, however what do professionals take into consideration this self-described “amateur”? One ARMY took it upon themself to seek out out.

“We showed a video of BTS’s V golfing to a professional golfer who’s not a fan of V,” the fan tweeted. They are presently taking classes from a golf coach. “[He said] ‘There are a few things that I’d like to see improved, but he has the skills of not someone who’s been learning for a couple of weeks but someone who’s been learning for more than 3 years. I think he’s good enough to make a professional debut.”

Golf lovers of the world, are you prepared for V’s debut?

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