Park Soo Hong’s brother is in custody, awaiting trial for embezzlement prices.

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This article consists of descriptions of graphic content material and violence that will disturb some readers.

Comedian Park Soo Hong, who’s in a authorized battle together with his older brother, was admitted to the hospital on October 4 after being assaulted by his father whereas assembly with prosecutors.

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Park Soo Hong being transported to an ambulance |

The comic was scheduled to satisfy with prosecutors at 10 am on October 4 regarding the case of his brother’s alleged embezzlement. It is claimed that his father was additionally in attendance as a witness.

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Park Soo Hong’s father |

According to Park Soo Hong’s lawyer, in the course of the proceedings, Park Soo Hong’s father assaulted the comic a number of instances and threatened to “Stab him with a weapon.” The police and paramedics had been known as to the prosecutor’s workplace, the place the incident came about, and Park Soo Hong was taken by ambulance to a close-by hospital.

Meanwhile, police are investigating Park Soo Hong’s brother, who was entrusted with the comic’s funds as his supervisor, for embezzlement. The comic’s brother is alleged to have stolen ₩2.10 billion KRW (about $1.47 million USD) over time.

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Park Soo Hong in an ambulance |

The spouse of Park Soo Hong’s brother can also be being investigated for being an adjunct to the crime. According to prosecutors, the spouse of Park Soo Hong’s brother is alleged to have misused over ₩100 million KRW (about $69,800 USD) on health facilities, magnificence salons, and her kids’s college classes.


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