With the release of Kevin Smith’s Clerks III, many followers have been revisiting the unique film that began the filmmaker’s profession. After all these years, Clerks remains to be remembered by followers for its beloved characters, however most of all, its memorable dialogue.

Smith’s distinct sense of writing has made for some iconic strains which have lived all a long time after the small indie film was launched. Lots of the quotes spotlight the humor of the film, the enjoyable popular culture dialogue, and a few surprisingly considerate moments Clerks followers may need forgotten about.


10/10 “How Many Times Have I Told You Not To Be Dealing In Front Of The Store?”


Though actually not a foremost character within the film, Jay stood out as a scene-stealer in Clerks and have become a significant fixture in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse films. With his vulgar, goofy, and rebellious nature, there’s something oddly charming about him.

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He cemented his greatness as a personality in a single scene through which Dante tells him as soon as once more to cease promoting medicine in entrance of the shop. Jay acts incredulous and denies doing such a factor just for a buyer to strategy and Jay to conduct his enterprise proper in entrance of Dante.

9/10 “What Kind Of Convenience Store Do You Run Here?”


Though some followers see Clerks as a plotless movie about people hanging out, there’s actually rather a lot that occurs over the course of this at some point. Following a very disturbing incident involving a useless man within the retailer’s toilet with a porno journal, a coroner questions Dante concerning the days occasions.

As if the incident with the useless man wasn’t bizarre sufficient, the coroner goes on to study Dante closing the story for a hockey recreation and to go to a wake. Finally, she simply has to query what sort of enterprise that is.

8/10 “Which Did You Like Better, Jedi Or The Empire Strikes Back?”


One of the issues that thrilled audiences concerning the film was how the characters talked like they speak with their mates. Lots of the conversations are meaningless but entertaining in how relatable they’re. The incontrovertible fact that Dante and Randal disagree about the identical things all Star Wars fans disagree about may be very entertaining.

It additionally offers Smith a possibility to discover his love of the Star Wars franchise with some attention-grabbing perception. Dante and Randal’s comparability between Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back results in a hilarious dialog about unbiased contractors for the Death Star.

7/10 “I Don’t Watch Movies.”


Randal is one other vastly entertaining character within the film because the video retailer clerk who has little interest in customer support. In truth, he appears to attempt his greatest to be as impolite or uncaring as attainable in each interplay with clients.

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When a girl innocently asks for Randal’s opinion of a number of the films she is contemplating, he would not even lookup from his journal and provides her essentially the most dismissive solutions. It is the sort of quote that captured the indifference of those characters.

6/10 “In A Row?”

Customer With Diapers

Though there are some surprisingly candy moments in all of the Clerks films, Smith appears to particularly relish the vulgar humor in these films. And whereas a number of the discussions get pretty graphic, in addition they make for a number of the funniest moments.

In a second that highlights Dante’s insecurity and immaturity, he will get upset when he learns of his girlfriend’s previous intercourse life. In disbelief, he tells a random buyer that she carried out a selected intercourse act with 37 males to which the impressed buyer asks, “In a row?”

5/10 “You Know, There’s A Million Fine Looking Women In The World, Dude. But They Don’t All Bring You Lasagna At Work.”

Silent Bob

Along with writing and directing Clerks, Kevin Smith additionally created an iconic character with almost no dialogue. Silent Bob is Jay’s right-hand man who goes a lot of the film by no means saying a phrase. But as turns into a development in Silent Bob’s film appearances, he finally breaks his silence to supply some phrases of knowledge.

As Dante throws away his relationship with Veronica within the hopes of attempting to begin one thing new with Caitlin, Jay and Silent Bob are those to level out his error. It is Silent Bob’s remaining phrases that make Dante notice how loving Veronica has been to him.

4/10 “Well, If We’re So F***ing Advanced, What Are We Doing Working Here?”


Though Randal is usually a cussed and self-centered particular person at instances, he’s one other character who has sudden moments through which he exhibits a deeper facet to himself. In truth, ultimately, he proves to have extra self-awareness than Dante.

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After Dante spirals downward in self-pity, Randal offers him some harsh phrases of honesty. But he additionally admits one thing about himself, how he talks all the way down to all the purchasers that come into the shop every single day but realizes he’s in no place to evaluate others.

3/10 “I’m Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today.”


The film begins with Dante getting known as into work on his time off resulting in his usually repeated line that “I’m not even supposed to be here today.” It is a quote that sums up Clerks‘ main character in addition to being a catchphrase for the film.

So a lot occurs to Dante on this present day, taking him from lows to highs and again to lows. He feels sorry for himself, however as Randal factors out, plenty of it’s his personal doing.

2/10 “You’re Closed.”


Clerks could have grown into its personal franchise however it’s straightforward to overlook simply how influential of an indie film it was when it got here out. It confirmed aspiring filmmakers that they might make small, micro-budget films that did not want to inform grand tales to be good.

The remaining line of the film speaks to this because it merely ends with Dante closing up the shop for the night time. While Smith’s authentic ending was shockingly completely different, that is rather more becoming to finish it with none big moments however slightly plenty of small ones that construct to one thing particular.

1/10 “This Job Would Be Great If It Wasn’t For The F***Ing Customers.”


Looking in any respect three films within the Clerks trilogy, it turns into clear how a lot the Quick Stop means to those characters. Though they complain concerning the job, they share a particular connection to that place and it’s strengthened with every new film.

Randal’s insistence that the purchasers are the one issues flawed with the job grows over the course of the subsequent film when he suggests they purchase the Quick Stop. The third film takes this line and makes it one thing surprisingly heartwarming ultimately.

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