Chucky episode 2 sees the killer doll attempt to deepen his bond with Jake and provides followers the primary reference to Glen/Glenda since 2004’s Seed of Chucky.

Warning: This put up accommodates spoilers for Chucky season 1, episode 2.

Chucky episode 2, “Give Me Something Good to Eat” lastly picked up a thread from Seed of Chucky and referenced the killer doll’s little one Glen/Glenda. Since his debut in 1988’s Child’s Play, Brad Dourif’s Charles Lee Ray (a.ok.a. Chucky the killer doll) has enormously expanded his circle of enemies and allies often known as his cult. The latter additionally included a extra familial component within the center chapters, beginning with the introduction of Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany Valentine in 1998’s Bride of Chucky. As franchise creator Don Mancini made his directorial debut, audiences have been even launched to Chucky and Tiffany’s child Glen/Glenda, voiced by Billy Boyd for almost all of Seed of Chucky. In subsequent Child’s Play installments, nonetheless, the character neither appeared nor acquired a point out, leaving followers wanting.

As of Syfy’s new Chucky present, the titular red-headed monster has sought to develop his legacy even additional. First latching on to Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), Chucky overtly killed a few of the tormenting influences in his life. Simultaneously, he is inspired Jake to select up the knife and kick off a murderous profession of his personal. Chucky has additionally seen potential in Caroline Cross (Carina Battrick), equally urging her to translate her fondness for violent video video games to the actual world. As Chucky ostensibly assumed a father-like mentorship position, many followers questioned whether or not he would recall being an precise father or if Glen/Glenda might even make the record of Chucky‘s cast of returning characters over the course of the eight episodes.

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Fortunately for these particularly keen followers, they considerably bought their wish in Chucky episode 2, “Give Me Something Good to Eat.” Though they did not make a direct look, the existence of Glen/Glenda throughout the Child’s Play mythology was lastly addressed. As Chucky tried to deepen his bond with Jake, he revealed to the troubled teen that he truly has “a queer kid” earlier than solidifying Glen/Glenda’s standing as being genderfluid. Inspired by the life and works of Ed Wood, Glen/Glenda was revealed in Seed of Chucky to alternate between being female and male earlier than having their soul transplanted into the human our bodies of a boy and lady, respectively. Though the Seed of Chucky movie was rejected by Universal for its overt LGBTQ+ themes, many followers embraced seeing such a journey depicted inside mainstream horror. As such, the newest Glen/Glenda point out was doubtless simply as crowd-pleasing.

Glen and Glenda in Seed of Chucky

Chucky‘s reference to Glen/Glenda additional confirmed that, for all its meta-commentary and divisive important reception, Seed of Chucky has remained canon. That reality will little doubt be a bonus for longtime followers and elevate each the Chucky present and the broader Child’s Play franchise even larger. After all, with the realm of horror films persistently topic to retcons and reboots, the world of Chucky the killer doll has remained constant all through — the 2019 Child’s Play remake however. That was what allowed Mancini to make sure that the Child’s Play outings became the best horror franchise. For higher or worse, and regardless of how a lot of a niche could exist, every part that got here earlier than has remained intrinsic to the material of the Chucky universe. And that may now formally embrace the character of Glen/Glenda.

The manner Chucky spoke of Glen/Glenda additionally lent itself to the Chucky present’s themes of highlighting some hypocrisies and completely different sorts of monsters in trendy society — particularly relating to the therapy of sexuality and minority communities. It spoke volumes that even a literal serial killer may very well be extra accepting of non-public gender id than many different folks. It would cement Chucky as an equal alternative monster. Then once more, Chucky additionally used Glen/Glenda as a instrument in his manipulation of Jake. As such, the sincerity of his progressiveness might stay up for debate. Whatever the case, followers will little doubt be hoping for Glen/Glenda to reach in Hackensack, New Jersey over the course of Chucky, be it of their established human varieties from Seed of Chucky or in any other case. With their mom additionally on the way in which, there could no less than be a couple of extra hints relating to their life and exploits since 2004.

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