It’s been a complete month since actors Charu Asopa Sen and husband Rajeev Sen turned mother and father to a child woman. Finally opening up on the complete expertise of bringing her untimely child dwelling, Asopa reveals, “I had to get a C-section in the 37th week. The first time the doctor took me to see her, she was in the OT. I started crying like a baby because she was so small.”

They have named her Ziana, and there’s a complete story behind it. Firstly she reveals that bringing her child dwelling was fairly eventful. “I had told the doctors that I want to take Ziana home on Diwali, which was on November 4, and she was born on the 1st. We requested them, and they agreed, as we wanted to bring our Laxmi home on such an auspicious occasion. I was perfectly fine the day before, but on the 4th, since they had given me spinal anesthesia, I had massive headache and started puking. But since I had made up my mind, I took her home anyhow,” she says.

Everyone in her household was ecstatic with the arrival of the new child, particularly her sister-in-law Sushmita Sen. Asopa says, “Didi was so happy. When my operation happened at the time of delivery, Rajeev and didi both were there. The moment I came out of the OT, Ziana was in Didi’s hands, I got happy.”

And lastly telling us how they got here up with the identify, it was not really them, however Sushmita’s youthful daughter Alisah who advised it. The actor shares, “Bhua decides the name, so didi had kept some boy and girl names ready, and one of them was Zian if it was a boy. When she was born, Alisah suggested Ziaan ka Ziana kar dete hain. Then didi searched if there is actually such a name in Hindu sanskriti. Everything was perfect.”

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