Chahatt Khanna’s final on display screen outing was again in 2019 with Prassthanam, and ever since, she has been away from the limelight, at the least as a full time actor. Though she’s now able to get again and take up extra appearing assignments, Khanna maintains how she has to consistently battle individuals’s notion about her that she doesn’t want work.

“I was also thinking about sharing on social media that I’m back again, looking for acting work,” she reveals, and continues, “Now people think she has a lot of money and well off and doesn’t need work. Or they think she’s busy with her kids. So, there’s this whole perception that people have about me, which is not true.”

Khanna admits that she has been busy together with her two children and her attire enterprise for the previous couple of years, however that didn’t imply she left her appearing job.

“I was giving a lot of time to my kids and my company and the first two or three years are very crucial. I wanted to give to my brand that time and I didn’t have much time for acting. But now I’ve stepped into the third year of my brand and my kids have started going to school… no I have ample of time to start acting again,” she explains.

The 34-year-old additionally feels that there’s no disgrace in going out and asking for work.

“A lot of time what happens is people think, ‘Kaam nahi kar rahe hai matlab kaam nahi karna hai’. They don’t know we want to work. So, it’s important to tell them that you’re ready and okay to work. When you can say, ‘I can’t work because I don’t have time’, then why can’t you say that I want to work?” asks Khanna.

The actor quips she’d fairly make it “pretty obvious” that she needs to work so “people do not consider me too busy.”

And Khanna is preserving her thoughts open about every kind of alternatives which may come her means. “I’m not looking to categorise myself as an actor that I want to do TV , web or films — that’s not the case. Whatever suits me, I’ll take up. I don’t want to constraint myself. I’ve always been doing all kinds of work,” she concludes.

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