Actor Chahatt Khanna stated that it’s ‘not respectable’ to scrub one’s soiled laundry in public. She was responding to the continuing feud between actor couple Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal. While Nisha has accused Karan of bodily assault, he has denied the allegations and claimed that she staged her injury as he refused to offer her the alimony quantity she requested for.

Speaking to Zoom, Chahatt stated, “I was dazed and (it) took me back in time. I have been hiding away. It affected me a lot. I personally think you should not wash your dirty linen in public. It is not respectable. I do not support it. They should not talk in media and (it) makes no sense. I am nobody to say. Coming out in public and talking about your affairs is not cool.”

Karan was arrested on June 1 after Nisha filed a police grievance for home violence. He was subsequently launched on bail.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Karan stated that Nisha barged into his room at night time and commenced abusing him. She ‘banged her head on the wall’, he claimed, and accused him of injuring her.

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Nisha, in the meantime, stated that she has been subjected to ‘constant abuse over the years’ and even claimed that Karan was having an extramarital affair. He, nonetheless, has denied the allegations of infidelity.

Karan and Nisha have a son named Kavish. Speaking to ANI, Karan stated that he’s sceptical of him dwelling with Nisha. “I feel my son is not safe with Nisha anymore. Earlier I happily decided to let Kavish live with Nisha but now I really don’t know. I don’t want my child to get affected. I am really worried about him. It’s heartbreaking to see whatever is happening,” he stated.

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