Simon, CEO of XG’s company, launched an extended article, saying “Due to the variety of information sources, there have been contents that are different from the facts. In order to help correct them even a little bit, I’m writing this to tell you a few things”.

Regarding the query asking whether or not XG is a K-pop group or a J-pop group, the CEO stated, “XG was fostered and produced in Korea and Japan in a new way as it was created in the U.S, growing up as a mixed Korea-Japan group with activities and experiences as both an artist and a producer in the K-pop scene. Multinational staff from Korea, Japan, the U.S., and China are participating in our project in various ways”. 

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He continued, “All XG members are Japanese, but we want to show XG’s music and performance to more global audiences without prejudices and rules about regions, languages, etc.”, including “Since there was no team like this before, I think the public are somewhat unfamiliar with them. In the future, we will make more efforts to convey the true values of XG by showing you their unique color and diversity step by step.”

Regarding the explanation XG doesn’t sing Korean lyrics whereas working in Korea, CEO Simon defined, “Our biggest goal is to introduce XG music to the global market. That’s why we are delivering the messages of our music through lyrics written in English, which is the most widely used language around the world”, including “However, the members are using Korean songs and Korean in various contents to communicate with fans”.


He added, “We don’t have a specific target as a role model or a competitor. However, as rumors have recently circulated, I want to correct the comments that mention a specific third-party brand and false information.”

Meanwhile, Matsuura Masato, Chairman of the big Japanese leisure firm AVEX, which is the guardian firm of XG’s company XGALX, was controversial because of his anti-Korea angle when speaking about XG earlier than. At that point, he stated, “XG doesn’t look like a K-pop group. They are more like an American group”, “Didn’t Korean singer BoA acted like a Japanese in Japan first?”, and many others.

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