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There’s just one factor scarier than an evil superhero, and that’s an unhinged evil superhero. 

By definition, the phrase superhero means “a morally righteous hero who possesses extraordinary abilities or supernatural powers and uses them to fight evil”, per Homelander from The Boys, the deranged chief of The Seven and laboratory creation of Vought, is much from a superhero, regardless of his invincibility and standing as probably the most highly effective particular person on the earth. While America may see him as a one of many good guys, anybody near the psychopath is aware of he’s about as unhinged because the jaws Kimiko tears aside. 

More than another season, the third season of The Boys dives head first into Homelander’s unhinged nature and explores the query of whether or not or not the Supe can really be killed. We know Billy Butcher and The Boys need to kill him, however is it really doable? Here’s what we all know. 

Can Homelander be killed in The Boys?

Warning: The following accommodates spoilers for season three of The Boys in addition to the ending of the The Boys comics. 

In the comics, Homelander’s character is simply as diabolical, delusional, and deranged because the TV adaptation, however the one main variation is the dialog round his invincibility. In case you had been questioning, sure, Homelander will be killed, and certainly, he does die within the comics. That’s as a result of Vaught, all the time one step forward, created a contingency plan to take care of Homelander if the Supe ever went rogue or unraveled past restore. In the comics, that contingency plan is Black Noir, one of many members of The Seven, who seems to be Homelander’s clone.

Black Noir is the one Supe able to defeating Homelander as a result of in a means, he is Homelander. However, if you take a look at the TV adaptation of The Boys – particularly season three, episode three “Barbary Coast” – it’s found that Black Noir shouldn’t be Homelander’s clone in any respect, however as a substitute a younger Black man with ninja combating abilities who’s desperate to grow to be the subsequent massive Supe. In “Barbary Coast” we be taught that Black Noir was part of Payback, the group of Supes energetic throughout the Nineteen Eighties earlier than The Seven was shaped. In that episode, we watch Black Noir’s face get burn to a burnt crisp after a brutal shoot out with terrorists set his conflict campground (and his face) on hearth, impling that he’s not the identical, impervious Black Noir from the comics, and thus not the one to kill Homelander.

Naturally, that brings up the query of how precisely Homelander will be killed if it’s not by Black Noir. Firstly, there’s the dialog of Homelander’s son, Ryan. Ryan was launched in season two as a form, candy boy with an enormous coronary heart and mushy character. After getting pushed off the roof by Homelander (an terrible scene that we don’t know whether or not to chuckle or cringe at) Ryan tapped into his superpowers, which we uncover contains laser eyes like his dad. Ryan’s form hearted nature was additional put to the check in season two’s finale when Stormfront pinned his mother, Becca Butcher, towards a tree and tried to kill her. 

In a determined try to avoid wasting her, Ryan unleashed his laser eyes, decapitating Stormfront within the course of and burning her to a good crispier crisp than Black Noir. Unfortunately, the transfer additionally killed his mother. The proven fact that he was capable of virtually kill Stormfront when Homelander’s laser eyes solely tickled her earlier within the season whereas they had been getting kinky on the high of Vaught Tower is a large energy transfer for the child. 

Of course, that would’ve been as a result of Homelander dialed down the energy of his laser blast with Stormfront. And even when Ryan had the energy to kill Homelander, he’s unstable along with his powers and only a child. That brings us to the subsequent risk within the quest to kill Homelander: Soldier Boy. 

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In the comics, Soldier Boy could be very a lot the Captain America of the sequence. He has tremendous energy, tremendous pace, masterful use of his defend, and is an skilled in hand-to-hand fight. What he doesn’t have is a huge laser beam that shoots out of his chest, a brand new superpower that emerged as of season three, episode 4 “Glorious Five Year Plan”. When The Boys traveled to Russia to search out the “weapon” that may kill Homelander, they stumbled upon the supposedly deceased Soldier Boy as a substitute.

Much like Wolverine from X-Men, Soldier Boy emerged from an enclosed tank, bare and feral. When he turned his consideration to Frenchie, a radioactive laser beam exploded out of his chest. Before it might hit Frenchie, Kimiko shoved him out of the way in which and was hurled throughout the room by the blast. However, as a substitute of regenerating as Kimiko is thought to do, she bled out in Frenchies arms, seemingly stripped of her tremendous powers.

This new tremendous energy of Soldier Boy’s gave the impression to be the “weapon” The Boys had been trying to find, because it seemingly stripped Supes of their powers. If Homelander will be killed, Soldier Boy is the clear frontrunner to do it.

Then once more, as Homelander stated to Annie in season one, “sticks and stones won’t break my bones, but words…” Showrunner Eric Kripke shed some mild on Homelander’s human aspect when requested in an interview with Collider if Homelander had any weaknesses “At the moment there aren’t many physical ones, but there’s so many psychological ones,” Kripke stated. “Antony (the actor who plays Homelander) has said many times, and I agree, that Homelander is the weakest character in the show.” Kripke elaborated additional by saying:

“He finds his human vulnerability so hateful and he hates that part of him and he tries to subsume it, and yet it is part of who he is. And so he hates a part of him that he can’t ultimately control, and so that kind of leads to a snake’s nest of psychoses. At the moment, that is his current weakness.”

As it stands, the ruling continues to be out on Homelander’s invincibility. The TV adaptation of The Boys has clearly and cleverly deviated from the comics, which suggests despite the fact that Homelander was killed within the comics, he may not meet the identical destiny within the present. Instead, we would see him find yourself trapped in a laser-proof room just like the one we noticed in season one with the child who might shoot lasers from its eyes. Or he might kill himself, both by chance or on function, one other fan principle that’s circulated on fan boards.

Either means, Antony Starr as Homelander is solely too damn good and a present with out him isn’t a lot of a present in any respect, so whereas we wish him to die, we’d nearly want him to get humiliated to dying, a way more deserved comeuppance that may actually hit the unhinged psychopath beneath the belt.

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