Rookie group EPEX not too long ago had a comeback with their third mini album Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 1. ’twenty first Century Boys.’

The group has confronted backlash up to now for utilizing mental illness as a concept for his or her debut album Bipolar Pt. 1: Prelude of Anxiety.

And with their newest title observe, “Anthem of Teen Spirit,” the corporate is as soon as once more receiving backlash for the point out of a “crystal night” alongside violent gun imagery.

Boom (Hey, yeah)
I see them burning uncooked
Crystal evening is coming
Click, clack, brrr, like
Boom (Hey, yeah)
This is a battlefield
Back up, again up
Chase and flee (Oh)

-Lyrics from “Anthem of Teen Spirit”

Kristallnacht, German for “Crystal Night,” was an actual occasion that occurred on the nights of November Ninth-Tenth, 1938, as a precursor to World War II when a violent riot broke out all through Nazi Germany in opposition to the Jewish individuals. The time period “Crystal Night” was used to reference the shards of damaged glass that littered the streets from destroyed Jewish companies. Kristallnacht resulted in an estimated vary of 91 to almost 700 deaths, the destruction of over 7,000 companies, and the arrests of over 30,000 Jewish males who ended up in focus camps.

Jewish companies destroyed throughout Kristallnacht | United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Since the lyrics of “Anthem of Teen Spirit,” the music video, and the military-style outfits appeared to reference such a fantastic tragedy, followers have been satisfied that the corporate selected to make use of Kristallnacht because the theme for the comeback. Fans of the group took to Twitter, demanding that the corporate release a press release and apology.

C9 Entertainment launched an official assertion, each in Korean and English, to their Twitter on April twelfth.

| @OfficialC9ent/Twitter

Hello, that is C9 Entertainment. This is our place on the controversy over the lyrics, music video, and costumes of EPEX’s title music “Anthem of Teen Spirit” in EPEX third EP Album Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 1. ’twenty first Century Boys.’


The firm defined that the music was impressed by numerous content material, together with George Orwell’s 1984.

The music, lyrics, and music video of EPEX are based mostly on numerous literary works, movies, and bodily theories. Among them, many components of this album have been impressed by George Orwell’s ebook 1984, revealed in 1949.


George Orwell’s 1984 is a basic literary novel that depicts a dystopian society, together with themes of totalitarianism, mass surveillance (“big brother”), and repressive regimentation. The authorities depicted within the novel was modeled after Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany. 1984 is seen as a cautionary story, specializing in the position of fact and info inside politics.

1984 by George Orwell

C9 Entertainment explains that the lyrics “the night in the crystal” have been meant to allude to the glass paperweight that appeared in 1984. Similarly, it was supposed to symbolize the idea of youngsters “burning in competition in the windows of numerous academies.”

“Anthem of Teen Spirit” is a music that factors out and warns of the hurt attributable to the robotized schooling system that Korean youths are experiencing. In the lyrics, “the night in the crystal” expresses the lifelike lifetime of youngsters, used as a metaphor for the pictures of youngsters burning in competitors within the home windows of quite a few academies which can be lit up brightly like crystal each evening, and one other expression is from the “glass paperweight” showing in 1984. Also, in 1984, the principle character’s most valuable “glass paperweight” was damaged when he was arrested by celebration members, so the phrases have been mixed and used to the lyrics. It has completely nothing to do with precise historic occasions. It may also be clearly seen by way of the title title, “학원歌” literal translation is “Academy Song” (“Anthem of Teen Spirit”).

The above expression was judged complacently as a component of metaphor, and the info was not checked extra rigorously and intimately. We sincerely apologize to everybody in Korea and overseas for not listening to the usage of controversial content material. We take full accountability for the controversy that has arisen, and we apolgozie agtain to the many individuals who have been offended.


In recognition of the problematic lyrics, C9 Entertainment explains that going ahead, they’re formally altering lots of the lyrics of “Anthem of Teen Spirit.”

Therefore, we wish to change osme components of theh lyrics of “Anthem of Teen Spirit,” which have been unintentionally misunderstood, as follows.

– “the night in the crystal” > “Myself in the crystal”

– “Tonight, the crystals that protected us are shattered)” > “the crystals that protected us are shattered, today, I will”

– “I see them burning raw” > “I see them running now”

– “Crystal Night is coming” > “Crystal Light is coming”

They lyrics above have already been re-recorded, and we’ll change and register them with all music service corporations around the globe as quickly as doable.


The firm additionally addressed the interpretation of the music video and styling for “Anthem of Teen Spirit.” Clarifying that the one supply content material was 1984.

In addition, there are allegations that some a part of the music video and costumes of “Anthem of Teen SPirit” symbolize actual historic occasions, however that is clearly not true. All costumes and contents have been expressed utilizing the setting and features of 1984 as a motif, and there’s no reference to precise occasions, individuals, or teams.


| @the_EPEX/Twitter

C9 Entertainment additionally made certain to handle that the corporate itself was completely liable for the music’s lyrics and that not one of the English demo or Korean lyricists have been at fault.

Finally, the participated composers of “Anthem of Teen Spirit” used completely different English lyrics for the demon music, which has nothing to do with the content material of the ultimate lyrics. In the case of the lyricist, we’ve supplied the story and key phrases that we need to categorical within the lyrics and comissioned the work, so it’s irrelevant ot the intention of the lyricist. The closing lyrics of the music have been written completely in our opinion. We hope that misunderstandings about associated composers and lyricists is not going to unfold any additional.


The firm has additionally promised to pay extra consideration to their content material sooner or later.

By taking this chance, we can be extra cautious and pay deep consideration in order that the music, lyrics, and music video of EPEX don’t damage anybody.

Once once more, we sincerely apologize to everybody.


You can learn extra concerning the criticism right here.

Rookie Group EPEX’s Agency Faces Criticism Once Again For Using A Sensitive Topic As Their “Concept”

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