BTS has been making nationwide headlines currently, and it not only for their music!

RM | HYBE/Weverse

Earlier this week, grew to become a viral sensation at residence and overseas when he posted a video of himself dancing to “Butter.” Although it isn’t clear why V deleted his entertaining video, some followers consider it might have been V’s try to cease the video from showing on the information.

Fan: This is tomorrow’s information footage hahaha

V: Aha

— Weverse

Now, RM is making the information for a completely totally different purpose: complicated worldwide followers. On Weverse, RM thanked ARMY for serving to “Butter” debut at No.1 on the Billboard “Hot 100” Chart.

| Weverse

No, however I simply logged into Weverse musun129… Thank you a lot, and I miss you

— RM

If you’re questioning what musun129 means, you’re not alone! After “musun129” trended, Channel A took the freedom of reporting on I-ARMY’s confusion.

In the Gyeongsang Province dialect, Musun129 is slang for “What’s going on?” or “What’s happening?” This is as a result of “일이고” (il-igo) in “무슨 일이고” (museun il-igo) sounds just like the numbers one, two, and 9. One is “일” (il), two is “이”(i, pronounced “ee”), and 9 is “고” (go). 

Thanks to RM, we’re studying one thing new day-after-day!

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