At the top of final month, ARMYs couldn’t include their pleasure after BTS launched their latest sport BTS Island: In The SEOM. For months, the members have been selling and getting everybody excited for the release of the sport.

Alongside ARMYs, it looks as if the members have been having a go on the sport, and the newest particular person is chief RM.


From the very second it was revealed, BTS emphasised that they have been going to be closely concerned within the creation and improvement of every stage. It isn’t stunning that the members all wished a shot on the sport to see the completed product.

“In The SEOM” characters | @intheseom_bts/ Instagram

RM not too long ago went onto Instagram to share that he was additionally enjoying the sport.

On July 1 (KST), RM shared a photograph of all of the members piled on prime of one another. Of course, it wasn’t in actual life, and it was truly the characters of all of the members from the In The SEOM sport.

BTS’s RM on “In The SEOM” | @rkive/Instagram

He additionally shared some cute close-up pictures of his personal character, who’s wearing a banana costume. One of the screenshots additionally included his username which is “알카이부” which may additionally translate to “Rkive.”

RM’s character | @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

When RM’s username was revealed, it was apparent that folks would seek for his character and discover the membership that he had created. Eventually, many discovered the island named NamSaMo, which is an acronym for “Gathering of those who love Namjoon.”

BTS RM’s membership on the app | @rkive/Instagram

Of course, it was a touch to attempt to be a part of the unique membership… and it’s truthful to say that it was one other wrestle for ARMYs because the requests reached a most and other people struggled to even ask to affix RM’s latest island.

It appears as when you may want a stand-out username as one ARMY shared that somebody within the group had the nickname “KIM NAMJOON’S WIFE.”

Those fortunate sufficient to get in shared movies of RM’s island and it undoubtedly appeared to replicate the idol’s persona. It was calm and arranged, with all of the members seeming to be having a good time.

| @btsinthemoment/Twitter

| @btsinthemoment/Twitter 

In specific, it looks as if RM has obtained some revenge on youngest member Jungkook, who has additionally been enjoying the sport and interacting with ARMYs.

When the sport was first launched, Jungkook confirmed himself enjoying the sport. His username is “Do I have the face of a king?” which references a line stated by Lee Jung Jae within the film The Face Reader, and his membership identify was “Face of a King.” The description of the membership was, “Only the strong survive.”

BTS Jungkook’s account | @jungkook.97/Instagram

BTS Jungkook’s membership | @jungkook.97/Instagram

As it’s his membership, Jungkook had quite a lot of management over the designs, and it even went so far as the members’ seems to be. While all of the members of BTS appeared to have related seems to be, Jungkook had a particular imaginative and prescient for chief RM… as a result of he was shirtless!

RM was shirtless on Jungkook’s island | @btsinthemoment/Twitter

Well, RM appears to have gotten his personal again when creating his “In The SEOM” membership. Many netizens, who have been fortunate sufficient to get accepted into RM’s membership, observed that whereas the idol’s character was sporting a cute outfit, the others didn’t appear to observe that sample.

In specific, though the members of the rap line (RM, J-Hope, and Suga) had garments on…

BTS’s RM | @hobiloves7/Twitter

BTS’s Suga | @hobiloves7/Twitter

BTS’s J-Hope | @hobiloves7/Twitter

The relaxation didn’t, together with Jungkook, who had beforehand made RM topless on his island.

BTS’s Jin | @hobiloves7/Twitter

BTS’s Jimin | @hobiloves7/Twitter

BTS’s V | @hobiloves7/Twitter

BTS’s Jungkook can be topless like RM was on his island | @hobiloves7/Twitter

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