The latest K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has taken the world by storm, warming the hearts of netizens with its necessary storylines and loveable characters. Following the story of the primary autistic Korean lawyer Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), netizens go on a journey following her struggles, triumphs, and falling in love with Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh).

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Well, it looks as if it isn’t simply netizens who’re falling in love with the present but additionally idols. In explicit, two members of BTS lately showcased their love for the present, and it’s none apart from RM and Jimin.

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Of course, in terms of the K-Drama, one of the crucial iconic elements of Extraordinary Attorney Woo is the greeting between essential character Woo Young Woo and her greatest good friend, Dong Geu Rami. The two say one another’s names in a rhythm earlier than dabbing, and it’s change into one of many hottest crazes in K-Pop.

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BTS lately launched some behind-the-scenes footage from member J-Hope‘s listening party. During the video, oldest member Jin shared his concerns about attending the party, and J-Hope had to assure him that he didn’t have to remain and work together with everybody.


Even after J-Hope left and the social gathering began, the members couldn’t cover their nervousness concerning the occasion.

In explicit, Jin seemed to chief RM for some recommendation as he requested, “Namjoon, how do I say hi to celebrities?”

RM then hilariously walked as much as Jin and did his personal model of the Extraordinary Attorney Woo greeting. Rather than saying “Woo to the Young to the Woo,” he changed it with “Bang to the Tan to the Jin.”

Jimin then excitedly joined the social gathering and did the following a part of the greeting, replying, “Dong to the Geu to the Rami,” earlier than doing the hand actions with RM. Even Jin cutely joined in on the ultimate dab.

When the clip was launched, netizens couldn’t recover from how cute the second was, with the phrase “Bang to the Tan to the Jin” trending worldwide. For many, it was simply cute and showcased the members’ love for the K-Drama.

Yet, it isn’t the primary time BTS has proven love for the present. When RM was chatting with followers on Weverse, he shared that he was watching the sequence and the way a lot enjoyable it was. Even when he was requested what he was doing that weekend, he replied with a well known phrase.

For any Extraordinary Attorney Woo fan, they know the phrases are utilized in Woo Young Woo’s greeting at any time when she meets somebody new.

For many individuals, each the K-Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo and BTS give them consolation. To see these worlds collide is certainly cool and it’s cute to see the members performing out the long-lasting scene from the K-Drama.

You can learn extra from the BTS video beneath.

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