Now everyone knows simply how a lot BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook likes to eat!


He’s at all times seen chowing down on some yummy meals!

But this little meals lover proved his true professionalism for his or her newest release of “Butter”. Turns out he solely drank water for 5 days in the course of the shoot!

Jungkook: I didn’t eat in any respect for 5 days throughout that point.

J-Hope: You actually don’t have any cheek fats.

Jungkook: I solely drank water for 5 days.

V: Wow water for 5 days?

Talk about dedication! But the outcomes completely paid off.

His visuals had been on one other stage for this music video.

Even throughout different interview movies, you would see a change in his look.

Netizens that noticed this had been shocked and anxious on the similar time.

  • “That’s really amazing but I hope he will eat at least one meal a day.”
  • “Jungkook is a perfectionist. I know he will do everything fine on his own but I hope he will eat at least one meal. My heart breaks for him.”
  • “How can he do that? It must have been so hard for him. It’s not easy being an idol.”

Now that he’s completed filming, let’s hope he’s had meal!

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