BTS Jin‘s tradition of stunning netizens with his natural visuals continues on! BTS recently appeared at Incheon Airport to board a flight headed to New York for the UN General Assembly. When they arrived at the airport, Jin quickly caught everyone’s consideration together with his unbelievable proportions!

Jin from BTS. | The Daily Sports

Netizens can’t imagine how broad his shoulders are in comparison with his small face, a staple in Korean magnificence requirements.


His easy but subtle outfit of a white t-shirt with light-wash pants completely enhances his unimaginable attractiveness!

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Netizens can’t cease praising Jin for his superstar proportions, and we fully agree!

| theqoo

  • “36. His face is as wide as his neck. But then… his shoulders are like the pacific. How is this even possible?”
  • “37. I love Jin’s neck. It’s long and slim, but he has a prominent Adam’s apple that makes it unique. The way his neckline drops and connects to his shoulders, it’s beautiful.”
  • “39. You know… I think Jin was born with everything. He’s perfect. And it gets me every time how he’s so slim but his shoulders are huge.”
  • “40. I guess people who are born with that kind of body are the ones who debut and become celebrities. Man, what a godly proportion!”
  • “41. Oh my god, he’s crazy good-looking AND his body is too godly to be true. HE’S NOT REAL. T-T”

We wish BTS a secure flight to New York! Read extra about BTS’s latest appointment as Future Culture Special Envoys beneath.

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Source: theqoo and Twitter

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