With his vivid character and optimistic vibes that all the time assist set the temper each time BTS is interviewed on the display, it’s straightforward to see that J-Hope is usually a cheerful individual.

And the lovely factor about J-Hope is that regardless that he’s a millionaire, like the remainder of BTS, he doesn’t really need a number of costly issues to make him completely satisfied.

For J-Hope, all he wants are these ten small “luxuries” to make him go from this:

To this:

1. Going to the lavatory after waking up

Although this one is small, J-Hope believes it’s a particular happiness when he does this — he even believes that lots of people can relate with him on this one.

2. Getting an excellent on-line deal for home items

It seems that J-Hope additionally likes to get an excellent deal on-line, particularly when he’s shopping for family and way of life gadgets.

3. Coming up with a cool beat

Rather than this achievement being “small”, J-Hope believes it’s a “big-small” merchandise in his life that all the time manages to make him completely satisfied.

4. Eating new and scrumptious meals

Do you already know the sensation of making an attempt out a brand new dish and it seems to be one thing scrumptious?

Yes, that is precisely what J-Hope is speaking about when he stated that good meals makes him completely satisfied.

5. Shopping for garments, particularly when he’s chosen one thing low cost and fairly

Known as one among humanity’s “reasons for living”, purchasing for garments makes J-Hope extraordinarily delighted — particularly when he’s fortunate sufficient to get one thing fairly for an reasonably priced worth.

6. Perfectly finishing his self-planned schedule for the day

A licensed “Plan Man”, J-Hope likes establishing his to-do checklist and dealing on reaching all of it all through the day. So each time he achieves this, he feels happy and thrilled.

7. Drying his hair after a bathe

For J-Hope, it’s such a trouble to dry his hair after showering.

Also, since he has bleached his hair, it doesn’t actually dry that simply, so each time he’s finished drying his hair and he’s enjoyable on his mattress, J-Hope feels happy.

8. When his face isn’t bloated within the morning

This is particularly true each time BTS has filming: if J-Hope feels that his face is bloated within the morning, he doesn’t really feel that nice all all through the day.

9. Drinking americano after a pleasant, filling meal

He wasn’t a espresso drinker earlier than, however as soon as he received the style of it, J-Hope began to like ingesting espresso, particularly after a hearty meal.

10. When it’s winter, and snow on Christmas day

He’s a winter child, so it’s solely pure for him to love snow — particularly if it occurs throughout Christmas.


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