BTS‘s V always makes sure that, no matter his schedule or own feelings, he makes sure to greet and show appreciation to ARMYs whenever he can. Even when there are huge crowds, his top priority is always ARMYs, and he tries to share his love no matter what.


Recently, V left Korea to finish some personal schedules in America.

When arriving at JFK Airport, many netizens raised issues in regards to the response of these ready for V. Unsurprisingly, there have been quite a lot of followers ready for him, and even with safety, some needed to face the wrath of his bodyguards when coming close to the idol.

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As anticipated, regardless of the large crowds, V showcased his true character by greeting them but in addition ensuring that they have been protected, urging them to maneuver again, so the guards didn’t must push them.

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Yet, V’s return to Korea appeared a lot calmer, and the idol actually obtained to showcase his love for followers at JFK Airport. On August 31 (KST), a stream from media in New York confirmed V arriving at a a lot quieter JFK Airport, which seemingly was shut down for the idol.

Although many raised issues that there have been followers who had came upon V’s return time, they couldn’t cease praising the quantity of safety that was defending V from the minute he left the automobile to him strolling by the airport.

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| celebritynycmoment/YouTube 

Even although he in all probability didn’t anticipate many followers, V appeared rather more comfy when greeting them, particularly as there have been boundaries that created house between him and ARMYs. It additionally meant that he didn’t have to fret about followers having to be pushed by safety.

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Many netizens additionally identified that V could be returning to see a well-known face.

Ahead of BTS maknae Jungkook‘s birthday, many ARMYs shared that there were projects at Incheon Airport to celebrate the idol’s special occasion. So, when he walks by, V can be greeted not solely by ARMYs however Jungkook.

It looks as if HYBE has discovered from its errors and has discovered the easiest way to guard V on his personal schedule. Although it nonetheless raises issues on how ARMYs came upon about V leaving, a minimum of the idol had a extra comfy arrival and will share his love for followers.

You can examine his arrival at JFK Airport and the distinction in his expertise.

BTS V’s Reaction To ARMYs Mobbing Him At JFK Airport Showcases His True Personality

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