Jimin, a member of BTS, expressed his emotions in regards to the latest collaboration with BIGBANG Taeyang.

On February third, BTS Jimin communicated with followers in actual time by means of the fan group software Weverse Live.

On at the present time, Jimin talked about his collaboration with Taeyang and mentioned, “It was an honorable moment. Fans will know how much I’ve liked hyung (Taeyang) since I was young.”

The male idol then added, “When Taeyang contacted me personally for the first time, I couldn’t believe it. I said, ‘Hey, don’t lie’, but I was really happy that hyung put a lot of thought into releasing a work with me.”

Jimin additionally mentioned, “I used to listen to Young Bae hyung (Taeyang) and tried to learn from him, but I can’t believe that time has already passed. It was a really happy memory. What more can I say? I never thought this day would come”.

Taeyang Jimin

The BTS member additionally revealed that whereas having a live performance with BTS within the US final yr, J-hope suggested him to contact Taeyang first. At the time, Jimin was anxious about how he might do such a factor, however Taeyang ended up contacting him first they usually began working collectively. “It became an unforgettable memory”, the male idol fondly recalled. 

Finally, Jimin revealed that he was extraordinarily grateful whereas filming the music video with Taeyang, and that he felt he was missing. He additionally talked about his plans to release a solo album, saying, “I will prepare the album you’ve been waiting for more thoroughly and appear in front of you.”

Source: Nate

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