A Zelda: Breath of the Wild fan has used a glitch to deliver Prince Sidon of the Zoras to Ganon, with the Champion showing in Hyrule Castle.

A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild participant has introduced Prince Sidon to Ganon’s door at Hyrule Castle, altering up the method and story of the Nintendo hit. The 2017 sport has stored numerous gamers enthralled since its release, partly because of the big range of sport secrets and techniques, exploits, and mods compatible with Breath of the Wild. While the Zelda title already presents hours of gameplay, utilizing exploits can present Link with a complete new set of benefits for his time in Hyrule.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild options a big open-world filled with missions, sidequests, NPCs, and Easter eggs that maintain the sport recent, and permit customers to find one thing new even after placing hours into the sport. One of the preferred pastimes for skilled gamers is utilizing glitches and exploits to rework the expertise and permit issues that would not sometimes be permitted in an everyday playthrough. In the years since its release, customers have found every thing from underwater waterfalls to methods to deliver horses into disallowed areas, and even glitches that stack BOTW‘s inventory.


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Redditor Polaris_4096 managed to vary the tip of Breath of the Wild by bringing a companion alongside for the ultimate battle with Ganon – selecting the fan-favorite Zora prince Sidon to accompany Link. In a video, the participant is seen at Hyrule Castle, adopted round by Sidon because of a glitch. According to the person, the feat was achieved by first glitching Sidon out of the Vah Ruta battle. They clarify:

“I used that [glitch] and brought [Sidon] down the river to the docks in Hyrule Castle. Then I slowly worked my way through the library and up the main paths, defeating several guardians and a Lynel in the process. It probably took close to an hour, but it can vary since Sidon tends to get stuck randomly.”

See the post on Reddit here.

Glitching BOTW characters into new areas is one thing that is been performed earlier than, however like a number of the sport’s hidden secrets and techniques, it is not one thing many gamers have sometimes seen. It additionally would not serve many capabilities when it comes to gameplay, with Sidon not having the ability to struggle alongside Link, or aide him in any means. Despite this, seeing Sidon in Hyrule Castle demonstrates the flexibility of the sport, and will effectively be one of many many exploits builders left within the sport to maintain gamers on their toes.

By bringing a Champion to Ganon’s doorstep, Polaris_4096 challenges the ultimate sequences of Breath of the Wild, and offers customers the chance to think about what an end-battle might appear like if Link had some assist. The glitch might not give customers an edge in battle, but it surely serves to point out how BOTW glitches can change elements of the sport. It’s hoped that Nintendo is aiming for the same degree of participant freedom, together with a spread of exploits, for BOTW‘s upcoming sequel, scheduled to launch in 2022.

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Source: Polaris_4096/Reddit

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