Brandon Routh’s Superman Returns wasn’t precisely the comeback everybody hoped for, however reprising the character gave the actor a way of closure.


When it involves Superman films, some can not see anybody apart from Christopher Reeves within the position, some who adore Henry Cavill, and a few who’ve tried to overlook Brandon Routh ever graced the display within the crimson cape and tights. When Superman Returns arrived in cinemas in 2006, it was meant to be a giant revival for the Man of Steel, however turned out to be something however stainless when it got here to its file. The movie gained reward from critics for its CGI sequences, story and route by Bryan Singer, however the movie didn’t carry out anyplace close to in addition to hoped, pulling in $390 million from its $220 price range. This response led to the cancellation of a 2009 planned sequel and Superman was then rebooted by Zack Snyder in 2013’s Man of Steel. However, Routh did get one other shot at Superman within the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, which the actor has revealed was a chance he was happy to have acquired.


Brandon Routh might have had a tough time with Superman Returns, with even films like Seth MacFarlane’s Ted taking the trip to poke enjoyable on the movie, however he didn’t fully again out of the superhero style. Routh returned to the DC stage taking part in Ray Palmer/The Atom within the CW’s sequence Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and extra. While this position actually introduced him extra reward than that his flip as Superman, when the Crisis of Infinite Earths crossover occasion got here round an entire 13 years after Superman Returns, Routh reprised his position as Metropolis’ hero in addition to persevering with to play The Atom. While talking on the Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, Routh admitted that it was good to get some closure with the character. He stated:

“The first time was so much pressure that I was trying not to look at and couldn’t even conceive of. I was like ‘I will appreciate the next one, relax into the next one and get through this’. I have a lot of gratitude for having the opportunity to do this again for all the parties that made it possible. The first day I came onto set shooting the Batwoman episode and it was the first time I was appearing as Superman in it and I just thought ‘I’ve already done it.’ Even if this is the only scene I’m doing the emotional wound or scar that was left from my experience on Superman Returns was mostly healed because all the lead-up to that. The costume fitting, the wonderful warm fan reaction. People were excited and appreciative of having me return to play the character was validating and healing in so many ways that being there that first day was the most magical of times and I was able to relax and appreciate the experience because I didn’t have to prove anything. Just being there having done that, not having been the character for so long and was still thought of, I guess highly enough to reprise even for that little bit was validation I didn’t know that I needed I guess and that was very healing.”

His look within the present helped heal a number of wounds from his time on Superman Returns, with the actor having beforehand been open concerning the difficulties he had working with director Bryan Singer on the film and the heartache that the sequel was canceled, however the constructive response his 2019 return acquired has additionally seen him specific an curiosity in taking part in Superman once more in a Kingdom Come impressed TV sequence.

While the upcoming The Flash film is about to interrupt into the DC multiverse, bringing Michael Keaton’s Batman again to the fold, might it additionally result in an eventual return of Routh’s Superman in a comply with as much as his Crisis of Infinite Earths look? Only time will inform, however with Warner Bros determined to create extra buzz-worthy DC content material for HBO Max, there may be all the time a chance of the door nonetheless being ajar.

Brandon Routh Says Returning as Superman in The Flash Movie Is Absolutely a Possibility
Brandon Routh Says Returning as Superman in The Flash Movie Is Absolutely a Possibility

Brandon Routh discussed the possibility of ending up in The Flash, which is digging deep into the Warner Bros. vaults.

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