On the May 23 episode of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” 4 singers continued their quest to dethrone the new champion, Emerald of May.


The first match-up of Round 2 was between Puzzle, who lined Davichi’s “Time, Please Stop,” and Sesame Oil, who lined Crush’s “Don’t Forget Me.” Puzzle confirmed off her highly effective voice in her efficiency, whereas Sesame Oil showcased his interesting vocal shade and tone.

The panelists voted 15-6 in Puzzle’s favor and Puzzle superior to Round 3. Sesame Oil took off his masks to disclose himself as CIX’s heart and vocalist, Bae Jin Young. He mentioned, “I’m in charge of the center of CIX. My fans have said that they wanted me to appear on this show since I first debuted. I really wanted to come on the show, so it’s an honor to be here.”

He continued, “Our goal for this year is that we’re releasing a new album this summer. I hope that we can promote it well and go to the end-of-year award ceremonies and receive an award and perform.”

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