There was no shock that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was stunning as the cover star for V Magazine‘s fall 2022 issue.

Lisa | V Magazine

But fans were impressed with V Magazine‘s commitment to flying to South Korea to feature Lisa, the first Asian celebrity on the magazine’s cowl.

Fans had been additionally grateful for the article in regards to the proficient idol, which praised her for her rap and vocal abilities and her shocking duality.

She is each a rapper and vocalist, giving her a sure edginess that colours outdoors the strains of aegyo.

V Magazine

And V Magazine additionally opened up about Lisa’s well-loved character, which reveals her love for her pets and her kindness in direction of others.

In actual life, she’s nohing wanting humble, human, however almost heavenly in magnificence… guffawing about her Doberman named Love, graciously thanking everybody for every shot earlier than rapidly becoming new appears.

V Magazine

Lisa and Love | @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

But followers had been maybe most caught off guard by V Magazine‘s unexpected yet accurate comparison of Lisa to the iconic Leonardo da Vinci painting, the Mona Lisa.

The Mona Lisa

Although the Mona Lisa is a legendary painting, V Magazine pointed out the shocking comparison of the number of visitors the painting receives each year to Lisa’s Instagram followers.

10.2 million individuals go to the Mona Lisa every year. In comparability, 80.2 million individuals watch Lalisa Manobal’s each transfer on Instagram.

V Magazine

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

And seemingly, in case anybody was planning on protesting the distinction between following somebody on Instagram and touring to see a portray, V Magazine was ready to indicate simply how well-known Lisa actually is.

Of course, visiting a museum is one factor—photographs flashing in your display is one other. But in some way, Lisa del Giocondo, the topic of Leonardo da Vinci’s ubiquitous portrait, probably completed in 1517, is not essentially the most well-known “Lisa” on this planet. Just test Google, the place Lisa was extra generally looked for than the portray up to now 5 years.

V Magazine

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Fans, understandably, cherished the comparability likening the idol to a murals.

And the comparability is definitely becoming as Lisa continues to indicate her unimaginable artistry via all of her solo and group work.

You can try a few of her immeasurable skills with BLACKPINK’s latest comeback, “Pink Venom,” right here.

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